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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Figuring out what to wear for family photos can feel overwhelming. What colors do you wear? Do you all match? How do you look coordinated but not like a 90s meme? 

Lucky you, I’m obsessed with putting together outfits for photos. I start planning my own family’s outfits months in advance (and I’m coordinating for a family of 8!) and I’ve been helping families put together outfits for more than ten years as a Seattle photographer.

To help make things easier for you, I’ve pulled together my top blog posts all about what to wear for family photos!

family of four at Luther Burbank Park in Seattle, WA, what to wear for family photos example

Start here for the simple rules to follow when selecting what to wear for family photos.

By now, most of us know the basic rules of how to pick outfits. Things like don’t match everyone in the same color, but instead, select 2-3 colors that everyone will wear. However, it always helps to refresh on the basics. So start with reading my basic tips on what to wear.

Toddler boy in mother's arms during outdoor Snoqualmie portrait session, what to wear for family photos

Now that you know the rules, you may want to consider a few extra specifics when it comes to the kids.

Kids are different than adults. That may be obvious. However, when it comes to what to wear for family photos, I have some extra tips that will make your session even more smooth.

These tips include how to add pops of color and how to avoid clashing colors when dressing your kids for family photos! There are even tips about specific brands that photograph well and how to ensure your colors match for multiple kids.

Learn all the tips and tricks for How to Dress Your Kids for Family Photos.

Father twirling daugther in Alice and Ames floral dress during Snoqualmie Pass Mountain Photoshoot

Once you understand some ways to use color and how to coordinate color, your next step is deciding which colors to select for your outfits.

The Color Inspiration Series was created to inspire and inform you of ways to use color, what pairs well, and things to be cautious about with certain colors. Find inspiration for pairings with how to wear Blues, Reds, or Greens.

You can find extra outfits and color inspiration over the Neyssa Lee Photography Pinterest Board!

Remember that the details are important when selecting what to wear for family photos.

You spend your time selecting outfits, you have a wonderful photo session, and then you realize that your daughter’s diaper is showing the entire time under her dress, or that your husband’s neon orange running shoes are the only thing you notice in the photos with your full bodies.

Learn all the bonus tips and tricks I share and emphasize with families I work with by reading 5 Bonus Tips on What to Wear.

Maternity portrait of woman at a Christmas Tree Farm

If you are expecting, show off that baby bump!

Mama’s-to-be, I did not forget about you. Of course, if you’re having maternity photos you are still planning for the rest of your family’s outfits. However, you still need to remember to show off that baby bump. Make sure you check out my post about what to wear for maternity photos.

Of course, after your pregnancy is documented you cannot forget about your baby.

Seattle newborn photography of family of four

Here are plenty of resources for planning what to wear for newborn photos.

Many of the same what to wear for family photos rules apply when dressing for newborn photos. However, because newborn portrait sessions take place in your home, comfort is key.

As a mom of 6, I know how dressing yourself after having a baby is emotionally challenging. That is why I create specific what to wear tips for moms for newborn photos.

Dads and siblings, I have you covered, too.

Mother playing with baby boy during Mercer Island, WA portrait session

What a baby should wear for family photos varies by baby’s age.

In all cases you want to keep in mind that baby will be held, snuggled in close. Clothing that is soft, not stiff is important. For newborn photos you want to ensure baby’s outfit fits well as we capture all of their tiny details. Head to What Should Baby Wear for Newborn Photos for more tips on dressing baby.

As your baby ages and you’re having family photos (whether that is a milestone session or family photos), your baby’s outfit still needs a little extra consideration. The biggest is that we are photographing your baby, not the outfit.

As cute as an outfit may be, we want your baby to shine not the outfit! Find top tips on dressing baby for family photos and mistakes to avoid when dressing your toddler for family photos.

Are you still looking for help with what to wear?

I am here to guide you as much (or as little) as you need when selecting your outfits. Whether you’re stuck on which colors to choose, where to find clothes, how to make the most out of what’s in your closet, how to use patterns, etc. I am obsessed with selecting outfits for family photos. If it’s a place of stress for you, then let go and let me help you.

Click the button below, schedule your session, and let me help you figure out what to wear for your family photo session!

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