Your children are unique full of personality. Why should their photos be stiff and boring? Children's Portraits are where classic meets personality.

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Our children grow each year, this is a simple fact we cannot change (as much as we wish we could slow down time and hold onto this stage right now). What if you had a classic, beautiful portrait that not only documents that growth, but is worthy of giving as gifts and displaying on your walls? 

Fine Art Children’s Portrait Sessions are about stripping down the distractions and letting your child shine as I capture their true essence. No forced poses or cheesy smiles, but my relaxed approach of conversations and prompts that leads to genuine smiles and your child showing their true colors. 

Fine Art Children's Portraits

What is a children's portrait session?

Who is it for?

  Fine Art Children’s Portrait Session (Kids Only). They are great for ages 6 months (sitting unassisted, unless there is parent support) up to 18. For more information check out What is the Best Age for Children's Portrait Photography!

The Photo Session

Each session includes your child photographed in front of a classic black backdrop.

Sessions are just 5 minutes, short and sweet and perfect for kids' attention spans.

The End Result

Included with your session is a gallery of high resolution digital files (minimum 3-5 photos, per child, in both color and black and white) that you can print & share with family!

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Package & Pricing Information

5-7 Digital images in color and black and white provided in an online gallery for you download

5-7 Digital images in color and black and white of your children together (no individual portraits) provided in an online gallery for you download

5-7 Digital images in color and black and white for each of your TWO children and an additional 5-7 images of your children photographed together. Total of 15+ images (in color and black and white). For additional children see the SINGLE CHILD ADD-ON below.

Must be purchased in addition to the Two Siblings Session. Purchase for each additional child over the two who will be photographed individually. Each additional child will receive 5-7 images of them individually and be included in the sibling photos. Example, a family with 4 children would purchase the Two Siblings Session and (2) Single Child Add-Ons.

Individual Child | $99 | 5 Minute Session

Siblings Only Session | $119 | 5 Minute Session

Two Siblings Session | $179 | 10 Minute Session

Single Child Add-On | $59 | Additional 5 Minutes

What will you do with portraits worth printing?

How do I book a session?

After your session you will have portraits of your child that you will be proud to show off. Where do you want to see your child’s portrait each day? Whether you prefer prints or canvases, you are able to order professional quality products directly from your gallery that will be shipped directly to you (no worrying if they will make it home in a kid’s backpack without getting bent). Unsure of which image(s) to print or which size is right for the space in your home? I am here to help each family who has a session. 

Fine Art Children's Portrait Sessions take place every fall. 

Spots become available each summer, which priority going to newsletter subscribers. 

To book your session, subscribe to my newsletter list and watch your email for availability and full details.

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