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What to Wear for Family Photos

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The most common question I get from families is, “What do we wear for family photos?” This simple guide can help you as you prepare for your Seattle family photography session.

What to wear for family photos starts with you, Mom.

When you feel beautiful it shows on camera.

Moms, I always say to dress yourself first. We are the hardest on ourselves on how we look in things. So pick something you feel beautiful in. When you feel beautiful it shows on camera. If you don’t like showing off your arms, don’t select a tank top, just because it goes with the colors you’ve chosen. 

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Next, when figuring out what to wear for family photos, select 2 to 3 colors for everyone to wear

Plain white t shirts with jeans looks outdated and lack depth for photos. Instead, select 2-3 complimentary colors and everyone wear a variation of them. I suggest have two main colors and a third color as an accent or pop of color. Using layers and accessories are a great way to get that color in. 

Don’t be afraid of patterns. Guys look great in stripes or plaid. However, steer clear of large logos, text on clothing, and bright colors (bright colors reflect light and cause skin to look that color)!

Pinterest is a great resource for getting ideas on color combinations. I have put together a Pinterest board for what to wear for family photos here.

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Consider your location for what to wear

Both the time of year and location matter. Dress weather appropriate. Kids who are too hot or too cold cooperate less. During winter months, only bring a coat you are okay if it is in photos as kids don’t like taking coats off and on. Instead use layers and sweaters to stay warm. 

High heels and rocky beaches don’t mix. We want to stay safe and comfortable as we will be doing lots of playing, running around, and snuggling. The river could also mean getting wet and dirty, so all white on kids isn’t the best idea. 

what to wear for family photos, family photos in snoqualmie pass

Most of all, be you

You want family photos done to capture who you are, so show that in you what you wear to your photo session. Sure, you are investing in family photos so I believe you should put your best foot forward. However, you can do that and still be true to yourselves. If your daughter loves wearing twirly dresses, wonderful! However, if she hates dresses (like I did when I was a kid!), let her wear pants or shorts. Happy kids are more cooperative kids!

Bonus tip: Lay out your outfits and snap a picture with your phone

Clear the bed and lay everyone’s outfit together. Take a picture with your phone and notice if anything stands out. Try the outfits in various combinations to make sure no one clashes with someone else and no one blends in. 

I encourage my families to send me this photo so that I can help. I am able to see how that one shirt will stick out in all of your photos and guide you so you will love how everyone looks!

Looking for more inspiration for your Seattle Family Photo Session? Head to the collection of posts on what to wear below!

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