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You just had a baby, you’re getting little sleep, and you’re figuring out life with a sweet new baby. While I know how important having this time documented is, I do everything I can to make sure the process or your newborn photography session is as relaxed and easy as can be. I want it to feel like you’re spending the morning chatting with an old friend, showing off your love for this little life who has turned your world upside down. 

Newborn Photography

What's included in your
newborn photography session

Professional Pre-Session Guidance

Access to the client lounge. From tips on what to wear and how to make the most of your session, Neyssa will ensure you feel prepared, relaxed and at ease for your newborn photo session. 

The Photo Session

A laid-back newborn photo session in your home. Neyssa will guide you through prompts and poses that allow you to focus on loving your new baby. Baby's safety and mom's comfort are of utmost important during the session.
Sessions last approx. 1-2 hours.

The End Result

Included with your session is a gallery of high resolution digital files (minimum 75 in both color and black and white) you can print & share with family!
Plus, enjoy a complementary 8x8 20-page album, professionally designed by Neyssa Lee Photography.

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What is lifestyle newborn photography?

What if my baby doesn’t sleep during the photography session?

What if my older children are crazy or don’t want to cooperate for photos?!

Being a lifestyle newborn photographer means that I do not use props or unnatural poses for your baby. I believe that a baby is beautiful just as they are. So while I will capture portraits of your baby, I let him lead the way, unfolding in ways most comfortable for him. Often parents will comment on how baby sleeps is just like they did in womb (and they even have ultrasounds to prove it)!

During a lifestyle newborn photo session, I capture photos of the entire family, siblings, each parent individually with baby, and baby by herself. The goal is to capture those tiny newborn details, along with the immense love and joy your family has surrounding this newest family member.  

The beauty of lifestyle newborn photography is that it does not matter if your baby is asleep or awake. Not all newborns are sleepy, some just want to see what is going on. However, the entire time they are comfortable and safe in mom or dad’s arms. Whether your baby is asleep or awake and looking around, your gallery will be full of beautiful images. 

Again, a benefit of a session in your home is that your older children are able to come and go as they please. If they are shy in the beginning, or need a break, they are able to do so easily. I stress to parents to worry about loving on their children and I will worry about getting everyone in the photos.

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Newborn portfolio

Newborn Photography Session FAQs

When do newborn photography sessions take place?

Do you provide props for my session?

What if my baby ends up in the NICU or has jaundice?

How long do newborn sessions take?

When (and how) do I book my photo session?

Typically newborn sessions take place within the first 1-2 weeks after birth. I have families contact me once baby has arrived and we decide on when is best for your family based on how delivery went, your recovery, baby’s needs and your family schedule.

Of course, should you need your session to take place after baby is 2 weeks old, it is okay too. 

Your baby is perfect just as he or she is. My approach to newborn photography is more natural, so that when you look at your photographs years from now, you'll be taken back to the the time when your baby fit in your arms, or against your chest.

I want your gallery of images to not only show how tiny your baby was as a newborn, but also bring up all those feelings from those first weeks with your baby.

Therefore I do not use any props in my photography. 

Should your baby require a stay in the NICU or end up with jaundice, we just move your session accordingly. You simply keep me updated as to when you are home, settled, and ready for your newborn session.

Newborn photo sessions typically last 1.5-2 hours. I let the baby (and your other children) be the pace setters. I am in no rush so if we have to take breaks for snacks, feedings, coffee, diaper changes, etc, that is okay. 

A good rule of thumb is after you have your 20 week ultrasound to get your newborn session on the books. Why? Because when you book ahead of time, I am able to provide you with information to help you prepare for your session. When you hit your nesting phase, you’ll have something to prepare and focus on (instead of scrubbing the tub with a toothbrush!). This also allows plenty of time to do a maternity session or even prepare for a Fresh 48 session as well. 

To book, click the button below, complete the contact form (include your due date, too!).

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