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I am Neyssa Lee, a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos through candid feeling, lifestyle photography.

* My name is pronounced "neigh-ssa" (rhymes with Mesa).

*After 2 years in the Foster Care system, I was adopted by two wonderfully, amazing people. It is because of them that I know what a gift family is. It is also because of them that my love of photography was fostered, as they funded the endless rolls of film I used to photograph my dog as a child!

*I married my high school sweet heart, Derek, and we have six children, two dogs, and four cats together. Our home in the Snoqualmie Valley is always busy, loud, and messy.

Beautiful light makes my heart flutter with glee. You may hear me squeal during your session as light and connection meet in a moment.

*I’m obsessed with all things baby. I adore the newborn stage, that first year. Birth stories fascinate and amaze me. Each one is so unique and different and magical all the same. I have had 6 babies and each birth was so very different. When my children are older I would love to add ‘birth photographer’ to my resume.

*Black iced tea is my drink of choice. I drink it all year long, even on those cold and rainy Seattle days.

*I am loyal to the core. On the enneagram I’m a 6 and it often shows. 

*My journey to being a mom of many was just that, a journey. We suffered four pregnancy losses (one being a second trimester lost). While I would never wish pregnancy loss on anyone, my rainbow babies changed me to my core. Because of them, I know that babies are a gift not a given and how much of a miracle each child is. For our last loss, we planted a tree in her honor. We call it "Paxton's tree."

*Parenthood is the most difficult thing a person can do. With six children ages 11 and under, I feel like I'm constantly failing. Yet, it is a job I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

*My family loves adventures together. This could be a trip into Seattle for vegan donuts, Bellevue for a great playground, or to a park in the Snoqualmie Valley.

*I'm a Disney nut. If I'm not planning a trip there, I'm figuring out when my family (or just me) can go next. Want to bring your favorite Seattle area photographer to Disney? I'm there, let's go!

Parenthood has shown me how, truly, childhood is so fleeting, and that photography allows us to hold onto a stage just a little longer; relive a moment again and again.

Photo by Elena S Blair Photography

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I can relate almost any moment to a scene in Friends.


I am loyal to the core. On the enneagram I’m a 6 and it often shows. 

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