What to Wear for Newborn Photos | Dressing Dad and Siblings

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how to dress dad and siblings for  newborn photos, Seattle newborn photographer

When thinking about newborn photos, dressing baby is the fun part. But how do you dress the rest of the family? What should dad and siblings wear for newborn photos?

My number one rule for dressing the family for in-home lifestyle, newborn photos is to be comfortable and casual. But let’s talk more specifically about how to dress dad and any siblings for your newborn photo session.

Dads should wear for newborn photos a form-fitting, henley or t-shirt.

A beautiful way to show off baby is to show how tiny baby is up against dad’s arms and chest. Having a sloppy and large shirt can detract from that. So keep dad in a well-fitting (doesn’t have to be tight, just not baggy) t-shirt or henley works great. Stick with natural tones such as grays, creams, white, tan, or even navy or olive green, depending on your color scheme for the family.

how to dress dad and siblings for  newborn photos, Seattle newborn photographer, big sister

Siblings should wear something that is plain and neutral for newborn photos.

The point of your session is to highlight baby, but also your love as a family. Older siblings will be in, snuggling in close, holding baby, or laying next to baby. Selecting neutral tones allows for the connection to shine and not the outfits. Plus, bright colors can reflect onto baby’s skin leaving a color cast (think bright pink or green on baby’s face….not something you want).

Siblings should wear something that they are comfortable in.

You are in your own home. Let your kids be comfortable. They are already dealing with life in the new role of big brother or sister, so let’s not add by forcing them into an uncomfortable outfit.

You also don’t want them in something that is big and bulky so that they can’t snuggle up to (or even hold) baby.

For boys, jeans and a t-shirt or polo work well. Girls could wear leggings and a simple top or even a simple dress. Just remember that younger kids are likely to still play, dance and flit about. So having shorts or tights under dresses along with outfits they can move in is ideal.

Overall, less is more for in-home newborn photos. You want to coordinate and dress nicely, but really the goal is to be casual and comfortable. Outfits that allow you to snuggle in together and focus on baby is what is best.

As always, should you have a newborn session booked with me, I’m here to help! Not yet booked and live in the Seattle or Greater Seattle area? Contact me and let’s get your due date for your newborn photography session on my calendar!