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COVID has really put a wrench in the hopes and plans for so many expectant moms. Limits to visitors in the hospital (usually just the spouse is aloud) means no Fresh 48 photo sessions. As we have no idea when life will return to “normal” or even what normal will be once a vaccine is created or once the threat of COVID is lessened, I knew I had to come up with something to help families document their newborn babies during those first hours after birth. That’s where the idea of the “Fresh 72 Newborn Photo Session” came to be.

The first step was creating a resource to help you while you are in the hospital.

I wrote a blog post that covers tips and tricks to taking your own Fresh 48 photos. (Head over to read 5 Tips for Taking Your Own Fresh 48 Photos).

The next step to helping families document their newborns is adding an offering to my sessions called “The Fresh 72.”

The idea started with the family featured here. We were brainstorming ideas on how we could best document her son now that photographers weren’t allowed into hospitals. Our solution was what I came to call “the Fresh 72.”

So what is a Fresh 72?

A fresh 72 is a session that takes place within the first week after baby is born, once you are home from the hospital. It is very relaxed and casual, it documents those fleeting first hours where everything is new.

Although we can’t capture the hospital itself, by keeping on hospital bands and tiny little bandaids from their blood draws we can still capture many of the same details.

Just like if it were a Fresh 48 session taking place in the hospital, you may feel tired and that you’re adjusting to life with a newborn, however, I promise you won’t regret having these photos taken.

What makes a Fresh 72 different from a regular newborn photo session?

There are several things that make this different from my regular newborn photo session. First is that this must take place within a week of you arriving home from the hospital.

Second, the session will only take place in one room of your house. This is not the time for capturing your nursery details, having outfit changes, or anything like that.

Finally, this session will have a time limit of 30 minutes. Just like in the hospital, my goal is to capture your little one quickly so that you can get back to resting, recovering, and enjoying those newborn snuggles.

On the other hand, a newborn session can take place anytime within the first few months after birth, lasts around 2 hours, uses more spaces within your home and includes not only your gallery of images but also a custom lay flat album.

What if I’m not sure how I will feel about having photos after just a day or two at home with our baby?

The morning of her session, this mama texted me saying that she wasn’t sure about the photo session. She asked if we could push it back as she was up a lot with the baby.

I reassured her that it would be okay. I encouraged her to do the session. There was no pressure, she did not have to do anything except relax with her son. ( I also promised to bring a cup of coffee from Starbucks.) She had already mentioned how much he was growing so I knew she understood how fast this newborn stage was. She agreed and we had her session. If you’re wondering how it went, see what she had to say about her session below.

For the record, if it was necessary, of course we could have waited a few days to do her session. However, I knew her worries were not due to health or safety for her or her baby (which always comes first) but worries of not being “photo ready.”

As a first time parent I was so overwhelmed when we came home with our baby and wasn’t sure if I was ready for a photo shoot. Neyssa reminded me that there were zero expectations regarding the nursery being done or the house being clean, that this was simply a way to capture our son within the first 72 hours of being born. I am so thankful she gave me that pep talk! We love the pictures of our son and now that he’s 12 days old, I am so glad we have these to look back on! I’m amazed by how much he’s changed already and I know we will cherish these photos forever.”

— Amanda

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Should I have a Newborn session and a Fresh 72 photo session?

This option is completely up to you. I’m super biased being a photographer and a lover of photographs in that I would. I also had Fresh 48 sessions and regular newborn sessions with my own kids.

However, think if times were different and we were able to do a Fresh 48 session. Which would you prefer, a Fresh 48 or a Newborn session?

If you’re unsure, reach out to me and we can chat about your goals and expectations for your session and I can help you decide what is right for your family.

Please note, at this time I only offer the Fresh 72 option for hospitals that are still not allowing photographers for Fresh 48 photo sessions.

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