Family Photo Outfit Inspiration: The Blues

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You understand what to do when picking everyone’s family photo outfits, but how do you pick what colors to wear? The most common question I get from families is about what to wear for their session. I have created a blog post on What to Wear for Family Photos, but I wanted to take it a step further and start a series to help you think about the actual colors you choose.

Consider your location when deciding what to wear.

Before you begin deciding on your colors for your family photo outfits, think about the location you have chosen. Will there be trees, a field, near the river or will you be by buildings? Think about the colors found at your location (if you don’t know, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m here to help).

Next is to think about whether you want to stand out or to compliment the location. The idea is that you do not want to blend in nor clash. If you have chosen a wooded location, for example, being in all green may make you blend in to the trees and greenery, but in blue your family outfits will pop against the backdrop of your photos. The beautiful part of nature is that most colors looks beautiful wherever you are.

Let’s talk about the color blue for your family photo outfit.

I’m starting with blue because it is one of the most popular colors worn for family photos. Personally, I have had blue, or it’s variations, featured in most of my family sessions. It is a beautiful color that coordinates well with other hues and is usually found in your closet already. Another nice thing about blue is that most shades of blue compliment one another, meaning you do not have to have the exact same shade of blue for on everyone for it to look good.

Now let’s look at some things blue looks good with to find some outfit inspiration for your next family photo session!

Blue with neutrals

Pairing blue with neutrals like cream, white, tan, grey and/or brown all provide a nice, clean look. The blue adds a little bit of color while keeping your family looking fresh, clean, and modern. Blue jeans naturally bring in some blue, and like this family seen here, adding in a blue sweater, navy top, or a jean dress not only keep kids warm but add dimension to their photographs.

Family of 6 snuggling on a leaf covered path wearing varying shades of blue

Blue with teal

Whether you consider teal a shade of blue or a shade of green, teal is a beautiful color that can add a nice bright pop to your family photo outfits. Navy blue pairs nicely with teal as there is a good contrast between the deep, dark navy and bright teal. To break up the blues a little, add in some grey or white like this family below did.

Mom, dad and 2 children smiling in blue and teal family photo outfits agains a natural wooded background

Blue with red

Blue and red is one of my favorite color combinations for what to wear in family photos. It is very “Americana” (yes, I love 4th of July clothes!), but also these complimentary colors help each other pop. The key when using any reds is to make sure they are the same shade. Red, unlike blue, can clash with itself if they are different shades. However, you can look very classic and stunning when you pick a blue and red color scheme.

Family of 6 sitting on root of tree showcasing their outfits of red, white, and blue for family photos

Blue and Maroon

Now, you may think maroon is a shade of red. However, blue and maroon give a very different feel. A deep shade of red, maroon looks gorgeous with the yellows of fall. Navy and maroon feel very warm, cozy together. As usual, you can add in some neutrals to brighten and break things up a little bit.

Mom, dad, and brothers observing 2 sisters twirling in a grassy field, showing what to wear for maroon and blues

Blue with Mustard Yellow

This happens to be one of my favorite color combinations for family outfits in photos. So much so that I may have done it two years in a row (gasp! Don’t tell anyone!). Again, the blue stands as a nice dark color with mustard yellow serving as a great pop of color. Yellow is a little tricky, like reds, so make sure you lay out your clothes to see that the yellows do not clash with each other.

A trick I use when shopping for certain colors like red and yellow is to shop at the same store. Companies typically use the same shades of colors along all clothing departments, from infant to adults. (Think Target, Hanna Anderson, Gap, etc).

Family of 5 walking on sunlit path dressed in navy and mustard yellows

Don’t forget to incorporate prints in your clothing.

You can get so focused on picking colors that you may forget to includes prints – florals, plaid, stripes, polka dots (see my photo above, we have three of those things) in your outfit choices. The print can break up the colors a bit, add some interest, and help when you’re snuggled in close. If everyone is in the same color, you can blend into each other, and we want to stand out! It can also help so you feel coordinated but not “matchy-matchy” in all solids.

A bonus tip is if you like a print but it feels a little much, try throwing a cardigan over so the print just peeks out.

Mom, dad and 2 children playing in grassy field dressed in blues

What colors will you choose for your family photo outfits?

I hope you’ve found some inspiration and are ready to tackle selecting your outfits for family photos this year! Blue is a great color with plenty of options to pair it with. Now that you’ve picked out your colors, do you have your session booked? Contact me to secure your spot on my calendar.

Looking for great locations for Seattle family photos? Check out my favorite spots below.

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