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The color inspiration series continues in hopes of giving you more outfit ideas for your family photoshoot this year. In case you missed them, I have already focused on blues and reds. This time we are tackling greens, from those deep earth tones to the brighter mints and teals. Of course, as a base, keep these tips on what to wear for family photos as you plan any family outfits for your pictures.

It should be noted that greens can be tricky to match. Like red, differences in the shade (even a teal to a teal or mint and mint) can make things look off. It is also a more difficult color to come by and not as common, as I really noticed when going through galleries looking for examples of families wearing green! However, as you will see, green is so beautiful and can really add to your family photos this year.

Time of year matters when considering what to wear in green.

This tip applies to any color, however, the time of year matters when considering outfit ideas for your family photoshoot in green. The lighter/brighter shades can clash with the gorgeous colors of fall. On the flip side, deep earth tones may feel too heavy in the spring and summer. Throughout this article I will make note of the best seasons for each color pairing.

Olive Green with mustard yellow

I love this pairing. It became more popular last year for good reason. The deep earth tones of olive go beautifully with the colors of fall, while the mustard adds in a bright pop of color. This is a great way for your outfits to compliment the setting of your fall family photoshoot.

Tanner Landing Family Portrait with green outfit inspiration

Olive Green with Navy

Another beautiful fall photoshoot outfit pairing is olive green with navy. The colors work with each other well and add a cozy feeling to any photo. They also allow you to stand out against the yellows and oranges of fall. You can even add in a pop of yellow like this family did with their little girl’s rain boots!

North Bend, Wa family photo, mom with twins, dad tossing toddler into the air

Green with maroon (and pinks)

This is not an outfit idea I would have come up with on my own, but this family NAILED it for their photoshoot. I love how mom’s floral dress served as the color palette for the rest of the outfits. The deep maroon was a great fall color with the green, going well in the brown fields, against fall foliage and river rock.

Greens and pinks for ideas for family photos in Seattle

Kelly Green with Navy

Kelly green with navy is one of my favorite color combinations. However, kelly green is super tricky to match. I suggest having greens together when shopping or going through closets because there is a wide range in the color and this is one that does not look good if the shades of green are off. It pays off to take the time to find the right hue for your family’s outfits to shine!

Snoqualmie valley family portrait of mother and daughter in beautiful backlight

Teal with Navy

Okay, this may sound like it’s cheating a bit. Teal could be considered green or blue, depending on the shade. But either way, teal pairs beautifully with navy. Both colors are deep, but the teal adds a little brightness for a family shoot. This is also a pairing that I think works well year round, but especially in fall. Stand out against the reds and yellows with these blue/green tones. And of course, brighten up your family a little by adding in whites/creams, too.

Family of five in greens for portraits in the Snoqualmie Valley

Mint green with navy and coral (an option of what to wear in spring/summer)

My last pairing is great for spring and summer as it is bright and light. Mint green and coral pair beautifully and look great broken up with some neutrals like grey and/or white. This is perfect for a summer evening by the river for family photos!

Girls standing on a log during Seattle family photography session

What colors inspire ideas for your family photoshoot outfits?

I hope you’ve found some inspiration for this year’s family photos. Maybe it is time to mix it up and add in some green this year! Now that you’ve picked your colors, make sure you get your session booked!

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