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Dressing baby can feel easy, but figuring out what mom should wear for newborn photos can feel more challenging.

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes your body. You’ve been growing a baby for 9 months (or almost 10 if we are getting real, right?!). So expecting your body to go right back to “pre-pregnancy” within a few weeks of giving birth is unrealistic.

However, that does not mean that we should not be in our baby’s newborn photos, nor that we can’t feel beautiful and comfortable.

So what should mom wear for her lifestyle newborn photos?

As I expressed in my What to Wear for Newborn Photos post, everyone should be comfortable. Mom, this is extra important for you.

What mom should wear for newborn photos, Seattle newborn photographer

Mom wear something forgiving in the mid-section for newborn photos.

Again, you just had a baby. Wear something forgiving in the tummy, which could still be a maternity top, or even a maxi dress. While I’m not capturing your stomach, you don’t want something you feel exposed in.

Another favorite thing for moms to wear is a tank top (to get some nice skin to skin shots of baby against your chest, in your arms), but then a flowy sweater for overtop for the family photos.

What mom should wear for newborn photos, Seattle newborn photographer, mother and baby photo

Mom should wear bottoms that are comfortable for movement and snuggling.

This is not the time for trying to button those pre-pregnancy jeans. Instead, wear leggings, sized up pants, or special postpartum pants that have a tighter band than regular maternity pants, but not too tight that you’re not comfortable.

During your session, your comfort is a priority. However, there will be some standing and some sitting, moving in jeans that are too tight just isn’t ideal. If you’re not comfortable it will show.

Seattle newborn photography

Moms who are nursing should wear a nursing friendly top for newborn photos.

Ease and comfort are the name of the game. If your outfit isn’t easy to nurse in, you may find yourself frazzled or stressed when baby is ready to stop and feed.

Another reason for that nursing tank and sweater overtop to make these feeding breaks a little more comfortable for you and baby. Plus, as I capture those moments of you together, you’ll still love what you’re wearing while not feeling completely exposed.

Overall, moms, be comfortable and forgiving of the fact you just had a baby. I promise I’m not photographing your body, but instead your bond and love for your baby. However, if you’re uncomfortable, it will show.

Each mama who has a session with me, gets my help in what to wear. So if you’ve booked your newborn photography session with me, don’t hesitate to ask me more questions.

Live in the Seattle or Eastside area and expecting and still need to book your session? Contact me below to get booked for your in-home, lifestyle newborn photo session.

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