Milestone Photo Sessions for Your Baby’s First Year

baby milestone photos of 6 month old boy in mother's lap

Your baby will change and grow tremendously from their newborn photo session to your family session a year later. You can rest easy that your baby’s 1st year is documented with milestone photo sessions.

A milestone photo session is a 30 minute, on-location session (in your home or at an outdoor location) available when you book either a newborn session and/or a full family session for Baby’s 1st Year. These sessions are great whether you want to have your child documented at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or anytime in between.

Your session includes a gallery of high resolution images and your 30-minute session.

baby with father during spring photos

What is the best age for milestone photo sessions?

Typically, milestone sessions take place every 3 months. However, I suggest to families they document specific times during baby’s 1st year.

Favorite times for milestone sessions are when baby is a smiling, sitting up, and pulling to stand. This may fall at 3, 6, and 9 months old. However, it can also happen at 2.5, 5, and 10 months old.

Black and white photo of twin boys in moms lap

Where do these baby sessions take place?

Milestone photo sessions can take place within your home or at a nearby outdoor location. Depending on your baby’s age and the time of year, we will decide on the right location for your baby’s photos.

With younger babies, I will suggest we have the session in your home. This allows for baby (and you) to be most comfortable. However, if it is summer, having your milestone photo session outdoors works well, too.

Photo of twin boys being tossed into the air during Seattle family photo session

What do milestone photo sessions capture?

While you could think of these like mini family photo sessions, consider baby the star of the show. We will focus on baby and what stage they are in, what details make up this time in their lives. It could be a big toothless grin, the way they smile as you toss them into the air, or the way the grasp your hair for comfort when you carry them.

Before our session, you will complete a questionnaire that gets you thinking about your baby’s stage. The idea is to learn what details you want captured, what details will best tell the story of your baby during their milestone photo session.

Baby holding mother's hair
6 month old baby during milestone photo session in Issaquah, WA.
Twin babies by Lake Sammamish during family photo session

Ready to book a session? Contact me and let’s get you on the calendar. Expecting and want to see all of your options? Head to my newborn session information page to learn how baby’s 1st year can be beautifully documented, so you can rest easy.