Three Tips to Rock Your Maternity Photos

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Husband holding wife during maternity photos

So you’re expecting, and you’re having maternity photos taken. Now what?! I have three easy tips I give to all of my pregnant mamas during their session. Use these and you’ll rock your maternity session.

Show off your baby bump in your maternity photos.

The reason you’re having photos done is to document your pregnancy, so make sure you’re showing off your baby bump! Before your session, look for clothes that are flattering and really show that you are pregnant. (For ideas on what to wear, check out What to Wear for Your Maternity Session.)

During your photos, I will help you show off your bump by framing your belly with your hands. Kids and husbands will get in on the action to, making sure we keep that focus on baby, while making sure you look amazing.

Kids hugging baby bump in maternity photos

Have your session when you are still comfortable.

There can be a fine balance between ensuring you have a nice round baby bump and waiting too close to delivery. You never know how the third trimester will go. You could deliver a little early, or the weight or pregnancy could start taking its toll on you. Instead schedule your maternity photos around 30-34 weeks when you are more comfortable, feeling great, and not yet over being pregnant! (Let’s be real, that last month can feel like 4 as you wait for baby to come!)

Keep in mind that if it is your second or third (or fourth) child, your body knows what to do and everything starts to happen sooner. With my fourth baby, I was pretty big by 28 weeks and had my own materntiy photos done in the 29th week.

Not sure when to have your session? Visit When Should I Have a Maternity Session.

Rock your maternity photos with a bent knee, expecting mom with boy

Bend your front leg to create more shape.

When you’re pregnant it is easy to stand flat footed and just in what position is comfortable, which isn’t often flattering. When a camera is in play it can become even worse and we can stand stiff and straight in attempt to look leaner. But your goal isn’t to look taller (well, I guess that could be your goal), but your goal is to accentuate the baby bump, while looking amazing and feminine.

By bending your front leg, and even dropping the knee towards your other knee (creating a V-shape from your hips to your knees) you create a beautiful shape that really makes you shine in your maternity photos. This simple move may even make you feel like you are posing for the cover of a magazine. But don’t worry, I will guide you and help you into positions that shows off your beauty!

Photo of mother and daughter during Snoqualmie maternity photos

Bonus Tip: Spend time with each child individually in your maternity photos.

Your maternity session serves to capture this time before you welcome new life, before your family dynamic changes forever. You and your husband are not the only ones whose roles will change, your kids are affected to. Spend time snuggling your baby before she’s promoted to big sister, Hug your oldest remembering the time when she was in your belly, and look adoringly at your son who you know who cannot wait to have a baby brother.

Now that you’re ready to rock your maternity session, it’s time to book your session.

Contact me with your due date and I will help you select the right date for your maternity session.

Still researching ways to make the most of your maternity photos? I have plenty of resources just for you. Find the perfect dress with at one of my Favorite Places to Find Bump Friendly Maxi Dresses or learn the Benefits of Maternity Photos.


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