The Benefits of Maternity Photos

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Do I really need to have maternity photos taken? Shouldn’t I just wait until baby is here and have photos taken?

If you are expecting and find yourself asking these very questions about having maternity photos taken, then KEEP READING!

I’ve put together my top three benefits of having maternity photos. After you’ve read through these benefits you can better decide if maternity photos are right for your family. You’ll be able to better decide if these benefits outweigh the risk of wishing you had them taken once the baby is here.

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff.

Benefits of Maternity Photos, Seattle Maternity Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography,  Maternity Photo with a couple

The first benefit is that maternity photos capture your beauty as an expectant mother.

“Why would I want maternity photos? I’m a giant whale!”

Be honest, did this cross your mind as you were researching newborn photographers and noticing they offer pregnancy photos too?

Of course, such a journey isn’t without its discomforts. Fatigue, nausea, food aversions, the need to pee constantly, body discomforts, stretch marks. The list goes on. And yet our bodies are so beautiful when pregnant. As a mother of 6, I completely understand the concern.

However, after your baby is here and you are settling into your life with a new member you’ll look back and think, oh remember when I was pregnant. You will have such a better appreciation for your body and what it did, but it will be too late then to do maternity photos.

Playful maternity photo by top Seattle maternity photographer, Neyssa Lee

Another benefit is that I capture the unique time just before baby’s arrival for your family.

Each expecting family I photograph as a Seattle maternity photographer is so full of excitement and anticipation as they are nearing the arrival of their baby. Whether it is their first, second, or fifth baby, the excitement is felt by all.

The moment in time, this moment in limbo between being a family of say 3 and being a family of 4, when you know a new member is arriving soon. There is nothing quite like it.

Your maternity photo session will capture that special time.

Playful Photo of mother and son during Seattle area portrait session

Further, having maternity photos taken allows you to get comfortable with your photographer.

If you are having lifestyle newborn photos taken, that means that your photographer is coming to your home to capture your family shortly after giving birth. Take that in a moment.

That time with a newborn is very special and intimate time for your family.

If you’ve had maternity photos with the same photographer, you can rest a little easier knowing you’re already comfortable with your photographer. Even more, your other kids can feel more comfortable with your newborn photographer.

Seattle maternity Photo of mama

Because I value that time spent with families before baby arrives, I offer a mini maternity session when you book a newborn photo session.

This way, if you’re not wanting a full session but just want to get comfortable with me, while documenting this fleeting time for your family you’re able to do so.

Contact me to get your maternity and newborn photo sessions booked! (Another perk of booking with me is planning and coordinating help. Rest easy when you click that button below. I’ve got you!)

Need some inspiration for your maternity photos? Head to my Seattle Maternity Photography Portfolio.

 Photo of toddler boy with parents in background in Seattle
Photo of husband and pregnant wife with golden sunlight behind them

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