Favorite Places to Find Bump Friendly Maxi Dresses for Maternity Photos

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maternity dress ideas for seattle area maternity photos

Where are the best places to find bump friendly maxi dresses for maternity photos?

It’s no secret that I have 5 children with another on the way. Each pregnancy I have ensured to capture this fleeting and special time with maternity photos. To say I have bought a few maternity dresses is an understatement.

With my own maternity photo session coming up, I’ve been planning outfits for the family, myself included. This week I’m sharing my favorite places to find maternity dresses for photos.

A few things to consider about your dress before I share where to buy your dress.

For your maternity dress, selecting something that flatters over looking too stylish or trendy Is key. The rule still applies here, if you feel beautiful, it will show. If you’re uncomfortable that will show more.

The next thing is a full, length maxi dress often is classic and flattering for most figures and works well with young children. Remember to keep an eye on the bust as your chest is growing and you don’t want to worry about adjusting your top constantly.

Finally, not all maxi dresses have to be maternity specific to work. I have several regular maternity dresses that I have been wearing throughout this entire pregnancy that would work well for maternity photos.

Okay so where do I love to find maternity dresses?

Bump friendly maxi dress for maternity photos, maternity photos

Amazon has a great selection of affordable and beautiful maxi dresses for maternity photos.

As a busy mom, I’m a big fan of not having to run to the store to try on dresses. Amazon has a great selection of maternity specific and bump friendly maxi dresses.

A favorite bump friendly dress is this Short Sleeve Maxi (with pockets!). The wine colored dress is the same one I’m wearing in the photo above.

I have also purchased this Sleevless, Striped Maxi (with pockets) and worn it for family photos and now regulary during this pregnancy. Honestly, I would consider wearing it for this year’s maternity photos if I didn’t wear the same dress for last year’s family photos!

You can also find plenty of other options by typing in Maternity, Maxi Dress into the search bar on Amazon!

Bump friendly maxi dress for maternity photos, maternity photos, pink blush dress

Pink Blush Maternity has beautiful dresses for your maternity photos.

Pink Blush has a ton of beautiful dresses, not just maxi dresses. I used a dress from Pink Blush Maternity for my maternity photos in 2019. I found they have a great selection with plenty of color and print options. Their return policy was also wonderful as I ordered 3-4 dresses and selected the one that fit me the best.

Sizing can be a little tricky as some dresses I was a small, others a medium. However, reading reviews can help a ton, and again, their return policy was easy enough to exchange for the correct size.

photo by Elena S Blair Photography of Neyssa Lee and family
Photo by Elena S Blair Photography of Neyssa Lee wearing a maxi dress from Baltic Born

While those two are my preferred, tried and trusted spots for dresses, I have also loved my dress from Baltic Born.

For my final maternity session (with baby number 6), I purchased a dress from Baltic Born. They have a large selection of dresses (you can even search by bump friendly) and feature models of different body shapes and sizes to give you a good idea of how a dress can work for you. The down side is their return policy isn’t as great (store credit only), leaving me a little hesitant of using them often.

I felt a little extra fancy in this dress which was perfect for a maternity session marking my final pregnancy.

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