Benefits of Summer Family Photos in Seattle

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What is the best time of year for family photos? I could go on all day about how the best time for family photos is “right now.” How it is more important that you get in front of the camera However, there are things about each season that makes them amazing. For this post I’m covering the benefits of summer family photos.

As a Seattle photographer, photographing families in summer is ideal for many families. However, it isn’t right for everyone. Make sure you read to the end of the post for a few things to consider about summer family photos in Seattle.

Before that, let’s begin with the benefits!

Portrait of a boy with sister in the background

Summer in the Seattle means better weather for family photos.

Now we have some gorgeous days all year round, however, summer is much more predictable. So if you’re hoping for some sunshine, or want to avoid the worry about rescheduling due to rain, summer might be your prime time of year for family photos. Bonus is that the golden summer sunsets are gorgeous and make for beautiful backdrops for your family.

With warmer weather you don’t have to worry about bundling up. You can even go barefoot for summer family photos.

There is something easier about selecting outfits when there are fewer layers to worry about. No need for ensuring the kids will be warm enough, or that their coats won’t distract from play or movement during your family photo session.

Photo of boy building rock tower during Snoqualmie portrait session

Things are less hectic during summer.

Most sports, groups, clubs, school events and commitments take a break during the summer. Without having to run to 15 different events in a week leaves your schedule much more wide open. This means you’re not worrying about fitting in your family session right after a soccer game, or before that birthday party you have to go to.

No school also means the possibility of having your photos taken on a weekday evening, when outdoor locations are less crowded.

Neyssa Lee Photography, Snoqualmie Family Photographer, Seattle Family Photography, Family Photos in Summer, Photo of family splashing together in a river

You can splash in the water without freezing for summer family photos.

End your session by taking your shoes off, truly letting loose, and having a little splash war in the river. Your kids won’t expect mom and dad to get in on the action and their reactions will be priceless. It will be a family photo session they will never forget.

Of course, you could try this all year round. But in summer you won’t freeze.

Bonus tip: If we are selecting a location with water for summer family photos, bring a towel and change of clothes for after your session.

Husband and wife laughing together by the river in Snoqualmie

Things to consider with a summer family photo session.

Each season has so many great reasons why to have family photos done. However, they also have things to consider that might make another season better for your family. The biggest thing to consider is that sunset is late. Summer family photo sessions can often start as late as 7-7:30pm. If your kids turn into pumpkins at 7, summer may not be ideal for your family. (Of course, if you can sneak in a late nap to extend their day, it is totally worth it).

Another thing to think about is the rise in wildfires and impact it has had on our areas during the summer. The past couple of years we even had hazardous air that wasn’t safe for people to be out in. For this reason, I suggest booking your summer session for July to early August as the smoke typically gets worse as the summer progresses.

It’s good to consider the seasons with all their positives and negatives – but if you want photos now, don’t wait. Your family right now can make any season the best season.

When is the best time to book summer family photos?

Each November, my calendar for Seattle area family photos opens up for the next year. That is the best time of year to book your session. Priority dates go first to past clients and then newsletter subscribers. Most of my session availability goes then. After that my calendar is released to the general public, Instagram, and Facebook.

However, if you’re considering summer family photos (or anytime of year family photos) just reach out. Contact me and we can see about getting your family booked onto my calendar.

Summer family photo sessions in Seattle are for laughter and gorgeous sunlight.

Lifestyle photo of mom giving son a kiss on the cheek

Summer is the perfect time of year to embrace lighter and brighter outfits.

The family featured in this post usually has their photos in the fall. This means they select rich, earth tones. Colors like navy, mustard, and maroon. When they opted for a summer session the mom was excited for a few lighter colors. This coral and teal combination is a beautiful choice for summer family photos.

 Portrait of a girl in beautiful light

Start planning for your family photos in Seattle with more resources from the Neyssa Lee Photography blog!