Father and son embrace during Snoqualmie pass family photo session at Gold Creek Pond

The Best Place to Print Photos

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Snoqualmie pass family photos for best place to print photos

You did not hire a photographer and get the family ready for a family photography session just to let your gallery of images sit on your hard drive. Of course, as a Seattle area family and newborn photographer, I include a complementary album with all of my sessions. However, where is the best place to print your photos?

The answer may feel obvious. Yet, please read to the end of this post. Not only will you find more resources to help you use your family photos, you can feel confident when ordering prints and canvases.

The best place to print your photos is through your photographer.

Again, I’m sure you’re thinking, “of course she says the best place to print your photos is through her!”

Stick with me.

You chose your photographer because you loved their style of work, you clicked with them as people. You trusted them to take the photos, you trusted them as the expert. This expertise goes beyond simply clicking a shutter and editing your gallery of photos.

Your photographer knows which print labs work best with their editing style and color profile. Personally, I have ordered prints from numerous professional labs to ensure the best option for my clients.

Mother and children at Gold Creek Pond family photo session

Your photographer has access to higher quality print labs.

As a photographer I have access to many print labs that consumers without a photography business cannot order from. These labs offer higher quality prints and products. They specialize in archival quality photographs.

What does archival quality have to do with the best place to print your photos? Archival quality means your prints will last for generations due to a higher quality ink and paper used in the printing process.

Another reason your photographer is the best place to order prints is due to the quality guarantee.

Most photographers will only guarantee print quality for prints ordered through them, myself included. Because lesser labs will use different inks and processes, I cannot guarantee prints ordered outside of my labs. Without getting too technical, my gear and editing is calibrated to the labs I use. This means that the digital file matches the print ordered. It would be impossible for anyone to be calibrated to every print lab. Thus, photographers can only guarantee certain labs.

Father and son embrace during Snoqualmie pass family photo session at Gold Creek Pond

Your photographer can help you select the correct print sizes for your space.

When deciding the best place to print your photos, consider the support your photographer can offer. Whether you’re unsure which size print to order for your space, or looking on the best gallery wall display, your photographer can help you.

The last thing you want is to print your photos and find they are too small for where you hoped to hang them.

I am also able to help you select a collection of images to best display together.

You no longer have to let the decision paralysis that can come with deciding not just where to print, but which photos and which sizes, stop you from getting your photos off of your hard drive.

Family skipping rocks at Gold Creek Pond for family photos

Finally, the best place to print your photos supports a small business – your photographer!

You can feel confident that when you print photos through your photographer that you’re getting the right sizes, best look, and highest quality. You can also feel good knowing you’re supporting small, supporting your photographer.

Now that you know where the best place to print your photos is, find inspiration with 5 Tips for Creating Stunning Wall Displays. I also invite you to join my newsletter for families for regular inspiration on ways to use your photos and make the most of your family photo session.