Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park: Maternity Photo Location

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Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park Maternity photo of couple with dog

A short drive from Seattle you will find Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park, a beautiful location for maternity photos. This is a location you might drive right by and miss on your way to Whidbey Island.

However, it is worth the drive for this beautiful beach park. It is a favorite spot for maternity and family photos. Like any location there are things to consider. Yet, let’s start with what makes Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park great for maternity photos.

Maternity photo at Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park

Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park is on the water.

Okay, the name of the park may have given away that the park is on the water. However, I want to ensure you know that this fact is a definite positive as far as maternity locations go.

Living in the PNW, the water is a part of life. Having Puget Sound as a backdrop of your photos is a beautiful storytelling detail. It helps show the area you lived when expecting your newest family member.

Even more, the water offers opportunity to dip your toes, splash around at the end of your session. Plus, kids can’t resist the urge to toss some rocks or sticks into the water, adding more fun and adventure to your photography session.

Because Mukilteo Beach Park is right by the ferry terminal, you can often see ferries coming in and out. They aren’t as obvious as Lincoln Park where they go right along the beach line. However, they are still fun for all to see.

Couple standing on dock at Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park with dog for maternity photos

Gorgeous trees wrap around the backdrop of the park adding beautiful details for your photos.

At Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach Park you not only get the beach. The way the park is laid out, you’re able to see trees further along the coast. These trees are beautiful year round, and a little extra gorgeous during the fall.

What could scream Seattle more than having water and full trees in your maternity photos?

Expecting couple walking together with dog during Seattle area maternity photos

The park offers a variety for maternity photos.

Often a beach location only has the beach. While there is nothing wrong with being simply the beach, variety is always nice to have. Not only can you mix up the look and feel of your gallery of photos, but also you gain a change during your session.

At Mukilteo Beach Park you’re able to walk around the lighthouse, climb on the rocks (safely, of course), get cozy on large driftwood on the beach, walk along the paths, and stroll along the beach. Although the park is large, nothing is very spread out. Meaning you can get plenty of variety even during a mini maternity session.

couple sitting on rocks by the water at maternity session near Seattle

Mukilteo Beach Park is a dog friendly.

The park is a great place for socialized dogs. Of course, you’ll need to keep them on leash. However, Mukilteo beach park is laid out making it an easy place for dogs to navigate.

If bringing your dog, like the family featured here, ensure you have some treats and a leash that doesn’t stand out (not neon). You’ll also want to ensure your dog is friendly for other dogs and people as the park will have plenty of other distractions.

There are a few things to consider for this location.

As a Seattle maternity photographer, I always want my families to have the full picture of locations. Every location has benefits and things to consider. For most, those things to consider are minor and not a big deal. However, in some cases, it may mean another location is a better choice.

One thing to consider is this location can get very crowded, especially on weekends. While we are shooting right near sunset meaning fewer people, there can still be a decent amount of people on summer evenings. Weekday evenings can help with crowds if it can work in your schedule.

Pregnancy photo at the beach in Seattle

Another important thing to note is that sunset on the water is later as compared to other more inland locations. This means, we need to start later. During early spring and fall, this won’t matter as much. However, summer means sessions will start as late as 7:30 or 8pm.

Mukilteo Beach Park is a gorgeous location for maternity photos. Expecting couples and families have loved their photos here. If this sounds like the right place for your Seattle area photographs, contact me and mention Mukilteo Beach Park as we get your session booked.

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