Family of four together during Snoqualmie Valley newborn portrait session

Preparing for Summer Newborn Photos: Indoor Session Tips

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As the summer warmth fills the air, preparing for summer newborn photos brings its own unique set of considerations. Indoor, lifestyle photo sessions capture the intimate and tender moments between you and your newest family member, all within the comfort of your own home. This guide will help you navigate the specifics of a summer indoor session, ensuring your photos are as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

Mother and baby together for newborn photos in North Bend, Wa

The Comfort of Indoor Newborn Photo Sessions

Indoor summer newborn photo sessions have the advantage of a controlled environment, where the warmth and natural light of summer enhance the cozy atmosphere of your home. The familiarity of your surroundings provides a relaxed setting, not just for the baby but for the whole family, making these sessions as stress-free as possible.

Optimal Home Temperature for Summer

One of the benefits of summer sessions is the ease of maintaining a comfortable temperature for your newborn. It’s easier to keep your house warm without it feeling stuffy, allowing for those adorable stripped-down baby shots. However, if your home is equipped with air conditioning, be mindful not to keep it too cool. A comfortably warm room is essential for keeping your baby relaxed and happy during their photo debut.

Family of four together during Snoqualmie Valley newborn portrait session

Choosing Your Outfits

Summer brings a shift in wardrobe choices for your newborn’s photo session. While cozy sweaters may be set aside, opting for lighter attire can still achieve a timeless look. Dads might consider wearing pants and a comfortable shirt, while moms can look elegant in a long dress or casual in leggings and a beautiful top. The aim is for you to look your best while feeling at ease in your outfits.

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Father and newborn daugther during Seattle lifestyle portrait session

Selecting Baby’s Outfit for Summer Newborn Photos

For your little one, the beauty of simplicity cannot be overstated. A plain onesie, a well-fitted baby gown, or a simple, elegant outfit can be perfect for summer newborn photos. These choices keep the focus on your baby’s natural charm without the distraction of overly complex patterns or designs. Of course, we can always highlight baby in a diaper.

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Summer Swaddle Choices for Your Newborn Baby

During summer, consider a lighter swaddle for your newborn. A thin, breathable fabric not only keeps your baby comfortable in the warmer weather but also works beautifully for soft, cuddly photos. Swaddles in gentle, soothing colors or subtle patterns add a lovely texture to your images without overwhelming the delicate balance of the photo.

Summer newborn photos bring a certain magic to capturing the early days with your new baby. By preparing your home and choosing appropriate attire, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable photo session. Remember, the focus of these sessions is to celebrate the new life and love that has entered your home. Keeping things simple, comfortable, and warm will allow for the most natural and beautiful photos of your newborn and your family. As you plan for your session, keep these tips in mind, and look forward to a beautiful, intimate portrayal of your family’s newest addition.

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