Summer outdoor newborn photo of family at the Snoqualmie River, Tanner Landing Park

Outdoor Newborn Photos: Tips for a Smooth Session

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For families welcoming a summer baby and those who cherish the great outdoors, outdoor newborn photo sessions offer a unique and beautiful way to capture the first days with your new addition. Whether you’re drawn to the natural beauty of the outdoors or feel your home isn’t the ideal backdrop, outdoor sessions can provide stunning imagery. However, ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety during the shoot is paramount. Here are essential tips for a smooth and stress-free outdoor newborn photo experience.

Summer outdoor newborn photo of family at the Snoqualmie River, Tanner Landing Park

Timing is key for outdoor newborn photos.

The best time for outdoor newborn photos is during the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight is soft and flattering. Not only does this ensure beautiful lighting, but it also helps avoid the heat of midday, making the experience more comfortable for your newborn.

Dressing for the outdoors

Keeping your baby warm and comfortable is key during outdoor sessions. Even in summer, the weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to dress your baby in layers that can be easily added or removed. A base layer of a simple onesie followed by a warmer layer and a swaddle or blanket will keep your baby cozy throughout the session.

Further, your outfit, too, will need to be weather-appropriate for outdoor newborn photos. You’ll want to stay cool, especially when holding a baby. Think maxi dress, or romper that offers movement and comfort for those early post-partum days.

Mother and newborn baby girl at Tanner Landing Park

Choosing the right location for outdoor newborn photos

Select a location that offers both beauty and privacy for your family. As a Seattle newborn photographer, I will help you select the right location for your family. The background should complement the natural beauty of your family without distracting from the focus of the photos: your newborn. I’m considering spaces that offer a variety for portraits, while ensuring places to sit comfortably with a newborn baby.

Bring comforts from home for your baby.

A few well-chosen blankets not only add texture and color to your outdoor newborn photos but also provide a soft space for your baby to rest or be changed on. Opt for blankets that reflect the outdoor setting and your personal style.

Additionally, consider bringing a portable changing pad, extra diapers, and any necessary feeding supplies to keep your baby happy and comfortable during the session. Even more, should you need any extra support for nursing in public, pack that too.

Parents admiring baby girl during Tanner Landing Park newborn photo session

Plan for Ample Holding Time

Outdoor newborn sessions often involve a lot of holding and cuddling, keeping your baby warm and secure while also capturing the intimate connection between you and your child. This approach ensures your baby’s comfort and allows for beautiful, natural shots that highlight the bond within your family.

Baby girl in parents arms at the river in Snoqualmie

Outdoor newborn photos offer a unique opportunity to capture the beauty of your new family member against the backdrop of nature. By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free photo session that results in beautiful, natural images. Remember, the well-being of your newborn is the most important aspect of the shoot, so choose a photographer who shares this priority and understands how to make the most of the outdoor setting while keeping your baby safe and comfortable.

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