Baby laying with mom surrounding her during Seattle newborn photos

Newborn Family Photoshoot: Is My Home too Dark?

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father kissing mothers head while holding newborn baby during Snoqualmie newborn photoshoot

One common question I get as a Seattle newborn photographer is, “Is my home too dark for a newborn family photoshoot?” It is a valid concern. With Instagram filled with homes that are bright, with huge windows, how can you not feel concerned?

Homes in the Seattle area tend to have character but also smaller windows. Pair that with those grey days that come standard in the PNW, and it’s easy to think your home isn’t ideal for newborn photos.

However, rest easy. In over a decade of newborn family photoshoots, I have yet to have a home I could not work in.

Only one window is needed for a newborn family photoshoot in your home.

This could be in the living room, spare bedroom, or master bedroom. We will find the right space for your newborn family photoshoot.

I have done entire in-home newborn photo sessions in one room of a condo. The featured photo session took place in an apartment master bedroom.

sleeping baby in dad's arms during Seattle newborn family photoshoot

Photos of your family snuggled up near the window are classic, timeless, and ones you will cherish forever.

The focus of your in-home newborn family photoshoot isn’t your home. Yes, a few details are captured. Details you will fondly remember about the space you brought home a baby to. However, the main focus is on baby, on your family and your love and joy surrounding baby.

Baby laying with mom surrounding her during Seattle newborn photos

To amplify the amount of natural light, newborn photo sessions begin between 10 and 11 am.

Mid-morning is a great time for newborn family photoshoots for several reasons. First, it’s the best time for natural light indoors in the Seattle area. The sun is up high enough to fill the house with as much light as possible.

Further, this time is when baby is typically happiest, while still giving you time to wake up and get ready.

In contrast, outdoor maternity sessions take place an hour before sunset for the best light.

family with dog and baby during Seattle newborn family photoshoot

Finally, an external flash is used in your newborn family photoshoot as needed.

It is rare, but if your home has absolutely no light, we can mimic natural light using an off-camera flash. In other words, I can set up a light stand and bounce the light off a wall. It will look like you had a nice big window. However, this is rare.

In the end, contact me and we will discuss your newborn family photoshoot. You will feel confident booking an in home newborn photo session after we talk. Head to my portfolio to get a feel of other Seattle newborn sessions I have photographed.

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