In home newborn photo session, Seattle newborn photography, family of three

A Peek at a Relaxed Newborn Photo Session in One Room of the Home

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In home newborn photo session, Seattle newborn photography, family of three

You have plenty of choices for your newborn photo session. The first decision is do you prefer a studio session or in home session?

You may think your home isn’t big enough or that you don’t have the space for a newborn photo session so your only choice is a studio session.

However, all you need for a relaxed in home newborn photo session is one window. That’s it. Peek through the images in this session (which took place entirely in the master bedroom) as I go over more reasons to love an in home newborn photo session.

An in-home newborn photo session means everyone is comfortable. When everyone is comfortable, they are more relaxed.

Leaving the home with a newborn can feel stressful. Trying to pack up everything you may need, plus figuring out nursing or feedings in public. Instead of having to rush off to a studio, I come to your home to capture your sweet baby.

You can feel at ease in your own space with all of those things you might need for your baby.

In home newborn photo session, Father and son baby photo

Newborn photo sessions allow baby to lead the session.

I block out 2 hours for your baby’s session. There is no rush. So if baby needs to stop to nurse, we can. Diaper changes, not a problem.

If baby needs to be swaddled and asleep or unswaddled and in mom’s arms that is okay. What matters most is that baby (and mama) are comfortable and that their needs are met.

Newborn photo session in one room, Family with newborn baby and dog

A photo session in your home allows you to have a gallery of photos showing where you brought your baby home to.

Whether you are in your forever home or not the place you brought your baby home to will forever be special. You and your child will cherish that your photos not only captured those tiny baby details, but also captured the space you were first a family.

As you pour through your gallery of photos in the future, you can be brought right back to those newborn days in that special home.

newborn photo of baby boy in grandparents arms

Finally, a bonus benefit of being in your home is being able to include grandparents.

Are your parents going to be in town after baby’s arrival? Wonderful. It is seamless to include them for a few photos during your session.

A newborn photo session in your home is a relaxed, beautiful way to capture your family authentically. No house is too big or too small for this type of session. Questions about newborn photography? Click the button below to begin chatting with me about getting your due date on the calendar.

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