Loulou and company outfit as newborn photo outfit by Seattle photographer

Best Places to Find Newborn Photo Outfits

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Loulou and company outfit as newborn photo outfit by Seattle photographer

Newborn babies are so tiny and adorable. It seems like you could put a baby in anything and they would look great. However, as a Seattle lifestyle photographer, (and a mom of 6), I’m here to tell you that newborn photo outfits matter.

When you’re having newborn pictures taken, you want your baby to be the star of the photo, not the outfit. In fact, babies cannot hold up an “outfit”. However, we will use the term outfit since it is clearly understood.

Before sharing my favorite places, know that newborn photo outfits must meet a few guidelines to be included in the list.

Of course, the clothes must photograph well. Even more, these places have newborn photo outfits that are comfortable for your baby.

They also must be practical for babies. In other words, you will not find giant tutus or complicated outfits. Again, the point of your newborn photography session is about capturing your baby not an outfit. I also have personally ordered from each of these companies and used them on my own babies.

Okay, let’s get into my favorite places to find outfits for your newborn photos!

Newborn baby girl in pink baby gown from Loulou and Company
Loulou and Company makes beautiful gowns for newborn photos.

Loulou and Company has the softest line of newborn photo outfits.

Warning. Once you purchase something from Loulou and Company, regular clothing won’t cut it anymore for your baby. Their clothing is super soft to the touch. Plus everything has buttons at the neck, meaning you don’t have to pull things over baby’s head. You can pull on from legs up, meaning a happier baby.

I have personally used gowns for my own baby’s newborn photos, and my youngest girls lived in their outfits into their toddler years.

They also have the largest, stretchiest swaddles, perfect for swaddling your newborn and for photos.

Looking for something for your baby shower registry? Loulou and Company is a great thing to add.

Another place with beautiful baby clothing is Loved Baby.

Loved Baby has organic cotton sleepers and onesies perfect for newborn photo outfits. They even have smaller sizes meaning they fit baby so nicely when they are super tiny. Again, I personally used sleepers from Loved Baby for my own babies.

When I had my 4th child, Ezra, I purchased a plain white sleeper in the newborn size. It fit him beautifully and worked well for newborn photos.

Mother holding newborn baby girl with Copper Pearl swaddle for newborn photos in Snoqualmie
Copper Pearl Swaddles makes a beautiful addition to your newborn photo outfit.

Copper Pearl has a few great newborn photo outfit options.

I first found Copper Pearl when I was looking at car seat covers. Their covers were multi-purpose, meaning you could cover the car seat and use them as nursing covers, too. I loved how soft they were and was immediately drawn to their swaddled.

Several clients have used swaddled from Copper Pearl for their newborn photos. They work beautifully. You can also find coordinating gowns that work beautifully for newborn photo outfits.

Big brother kissing newborn brother's head during Seattle newborn photography session
Put your baby in a plain white onesie for a classic look for newborn photos.

For a more classic, look, Target has a great option for your baby.

Prefer the plain white onesie look? Target is the place to find them. The Gerber onesies come in newborn size and even premie. Check the sizing based on weight to ensure they fit nicely.

A plain white onesie is a great, gender-neutral, newborn photo outfit idea. It’s classic and allows baby’s details to shine. However, one downside is they have very little stretch and can be a little struggle to get over your baby’s head.

The gowns and/or options with buttons are my favorite for babies as they are easier to put on and are typically made of softer fabrics.

Now you’re ready to confidently select your newborn photo outfit!

With your baby’s outfit figured out, plan for the rest of the family with my other What to Wear for newborn photos tips. You could also head to my portfolio for more session inspiration and to get a feel for working with me as your Seattle area newborn photographer.