How to Efficiently Schedule One Month of Content for Your Business

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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Neyssa Lee shares how to efficiently schedule one month of content for your business

Think about all the ways you show up and create content for your business. There’s blog posts, newsletters, instagram, facebook, pinterest. The list could go on. Thinking about trying to schedule a month of content may feel very overwhelming, however, batch working and batch scheduling is a much more effective and efficient way of running your business. 

I mean think about it. What if each morning you woke up, had to select a photo, think of a caption and then find your hashtags, and hit post. That’s just for social media. What about blog posts? Plus, how effective and strategic can you be if you’re coming up with things to share on the fly each day.

Instead, try scheduling one month of content for your business at a time. Don’t worry, it’s less intimidating when you break it down. I’d say you can get this done in 3-4 days of work time (and I mean, mom work time, so a few hours each day).

The key to efficiently batching content begins with a good foundation or practices. Instead of diving in to writing social media posts, start with these few steps. 

When scheduling content for your business, begin with setting goals for the month.

You’re probably thinking, wait what?! This has nothing to do with writing content. But it does. Starting with goal setting you can help your content be focused and working towards those goals. 

What do you want to accomplish that month? What types of sessions are you hoping to book? Do you have any events or types of sessions coming up that you’ll be booking for? 

When you’re feeling stuck trying to write a caption or a blog post, you can refer back to your goals to help you with ideas.

Your next step to scheduling one month of content is to outline your blog posts.

Using your goals to guide the topics, start outlining your blogs. This isn’t the time I worry about full sentences, or completely writing the blog. Instead, focus on getting your ideas out onto paper.

This is a step that I am able to do when kids are running around, or when I’m not in full creative mode. Should I get interrupted it’s okay, however, I’m still making progress towards getting my content written for the month. 

By having an outline with key points, you’ll be able to write the blog post out later when you have time to sit down and think. Instead of searching for ideas or spending your time formulating what you want included in the post, you can simply write.

Which brings us to the next step.

Now, write and schedule blogs for the month.

Block out some uninterrupted time, sit down with your laptop and get to writing your blog posts. Pull out those outlines and write blog posts. 

Because you have taken the few steps prior, this process will not only be more efficient, it will lead to blog posts that serve your audience, help you achieve your goals, and help you move the needle in your business. 

Once you’ve written the blog posts, you can schedule them to go live throughout the month so they don’t all post at one time to your website. (I like to have mine go live Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings, but find times that work for you and your business).

Use Your Blogs to help you in scheduling content for the month.

With blog content written and set to go live, now you are ready to start the process of scheduling your content. You’ve set the foundation for scheduling a month of content and will find writing posts for social media that much easier.

Use pieces of each blog post to create posts on social media. For ideas and inspiration check out my Reel 7 Ways to Use One Blog Post.

Finally, using my favorite Content Planning Tools, you can efficiently schedule one month of content for your business.

Scheduling content for your business does take time, however it can be done efficiently. You have kids to raise, a business to run, clients to serve. There isn’t time to be wasted trying to keep up with content creation that doesn’t serve your business.

Looking for an even more on effective and efficient content planning?

The Batching Content Strategies for Moms in Business Live Course breaks down my entire process from blog creation, scheduling social media and more. Registration is open for a limited time. 

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