Newborn baby swaddled without newborn photography props

Why I Do Not Use Newborn Photography Props

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Newborn baby swaddled without newborn photography props

Your baby is beautiful just as they are. That’s the main reason I do not use newborn photography props.

However, there is more to it.

If you’re looking for a newborn photography session experience that is relaxed, comfortable and safe for both mama and baby, then keep reading.

Using newborn photography props stifled my creativity.

Early on, I thought to be a “good” newborn photographer I had to pose babies on tiny beds with a blanket with zero wrinkles. I was so stuck trying to recreate others’ work that I lost my own creativity and passion for newborns.

In 2012, when my oldest daughter was born, I spent hours focused on getting the “perfect” shot. She had reflux and was uncomfortable being laid flat. It was stressful trying to ensure her comfort and safety, while trying to get her to sleep for one photo.

I found that when I captured her being held by her father, or simply laid on the master bed, I was most captivated by the images I created. I wanted to document her beautifully as she was not surrounded by a bunch of props.

If I was that stressed taking my own daughter’s photo, how must other moms feel in a similar situation?

Photo sessions should be stress free, and using newborn photography props can lead to more stress for mom and baby.

Babies cry, of course. However, they should not cry because they are uncomfortable for a photo. Both you and your baby should be comfortable and focused on loving each other, not posing for the “perfect” shot.

My approach to newborn photography with the aim to capture you beautifully in your own spaces. I use light and angles to flatter mom while highlighting your beautiful baby.

mom admiring baby girl while dad plays with toddler boy in the background.

What is it that you want to remember of your newborn baby?

When you look back at your baby’s gallery of photographs, I want you to be taken back to the fleeting newborn days. You should feel what it was like to have them curled up against your chest. You should be reminded of how tiny they were in your partner’s arms, or the way big sister admired his tiny toes.

What if you could almost smell that newborn smell just by looking at your photos?

That is why I do not use newborn photography props.

It isn’t about a “cute photo” but about a collection of beautiful photographs that bring you back and make you FEEL something.

Having a newborn is a raw, emotional, sleepless, wonderfully challenging time. It goes by in a blink of an “I don’t know what day today is” time. An in home newborn photo session is about capturing that beautifully without stress or discomfort.

Notice how the photos in this blog were all taken in the master bedroom with one window. Simple and beautiful moments captured of this newborn baby and his family.

Want to learn more about my approach to newborn photography? Head to my session information page on Newborn Photo Sessions.

Ready to have your newborn photo session? Contact me using the button below to book your newborn session.

Mother admiring baby girl in purple, no props for newborn photography
newborn baby details, no props for newborn photography
several photos of family of four loving on newborn baby, no newborn photography props
mom and dad comfort newborn baby without newborn photography props
swaddled baby, no props for newborn photography
newborn baby with kitty, no props for newborn photos
No newborn photography props for baby photo session
Seattle in home newborn photo session with no photo props
father and daughter with no newborn photography props