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When Should You Take Newborn Photos? The Answer Will Surprise You!

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when should you take newborn photos, newborn baby in mom's arms

When should you take newborn photos?

This is one of the most common questions I see asked in mom’s groups. I see many responses, the answer varies with the photographer or photography style. Most will say newborn photos should be taken within the first two weeks after birth.

However, that is not what I tell families who book a Seattle area newborn photography session with me.

So When Should You Take Newborn Photos?

You should take newborn photos anytime within in the first few months after birth.

Most family’s I work with opt to have newborn photos taken around 6-12 days old. However, if you wait until 3-4 weeks old, you are not too late.

right time for newborn photos, mother holding newborn baby in a diaper

Your delivery and recovery experience will dictate when you should take newborn photos.

Every birth and recovery is different. So is every postpartum experience. The last thing you want is to feel stressed about having to fit in newborn photos before it is “too late” while also trying to recover, bond, adjust to life with a newborn.

The postpartum period is full of emotions. The thought of having photos so soon after birth may cause you stress. You may worry that you have it all together when really you’re barely home from the hospital. 

When my youngest was born, I was physically feeling good shortly after arriving home. However, she struggled to latch and thus struggled to gain weight. We spent the first week driving back and forth to the doctor’s office, having weight checks for baby. We saw a lactation consultant to help us with her latch (and remember, this was my 6th baby and I still needed help).

I wanted to have newborn photos taken before it was too late, before she grew up. Luckily, I hired a photographer who’s approach to newborn photography aligned with mine.

We waited until just before baby was 3 weeks old. At that time, we had fallen into a better rhythm with baby. She had gained weight and I felt more relaxed.

But won’t my baby be too old for newborn photos if I wait longer than two weeks?

Of course not. The biggest reason many will tell you baby has to be less than two weeks is because as your baby gets older they are less sleepy. My approach to newborn photography sessions is to follow baby’s lead, to capture your baby in your arms, to capture your baby as they are. They can be awake or asleep during your session.

When should I book my newborn session?

Now that you know when you should take newborn photos, when should you book your session?

Most families book their session while they are still pregnant. This allows you to prepare for your session and ensure a spot on my calendar.

However, if baby is here, you’re not too late. Contact me to book your session right now and we can decide when is best to have your session.

Just for reference, the baby you see in this post was about 6 weeks old, not too late at all. Wouldn’t you agree?

mother with newborn baby looking out window, when to take newborn photos
Mother and toddler boy during Seattle area newborn photo session
when should you take newborn photos, big brother with baby brother
when should you take newborn photos, newborn baby in diaper on blanket with brother
When should you take newborn photos, playful in home newborn photo session with sibling
best age for newborn photo in lifestyle newborn photo session
Newborn details in baby photo
baby in dad's arms during newborn photos at 6 weeks old
When should you take newborn photos, sweet newborn photo of baby hands
awake newborn baby during photos
When should you take newborn photos in your home
family photos with newborn baby in Seattle area

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