Family with dog at Gold Creek Pond for photos in the snow

Awkward Family Photos: Avoid Becoming a Meme

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Remember those viral “awkward family photos” that have become internet sensations for all the wrong reasons? While they provide us with a hearty laugh, we certainly wouldn’t want our own family portraits to join that infamous club. So, how do we avoid turning our treasured family moments into the next viral meme? Even more, the last thing you want is family photos that do not show off who your family truly is. Here are some tips to help you avoid awkwardness and create heartwarming family photos that will stand the test of time.

Avoid awkward family photos, Lifestyle family photo at Gold Creek Pond in the snow

Awkward Family Photos” Lesson One: Coordinate, Don’t Clone

Rewinding to the 90s, remember the all-too-familiar sea of white t-shirts and jeans? While the 90s had plenty to offer, family photo fashion isn’t one of the good things. Sure, coordinating your family’s outfits adds harmony to your photos but identical clothing can steer your portraits towards becoming that laughable meme. Pick a color scheme that suits your family’s style and personality for a coordinated, but authentic look.

For more inspiration and ideas check out the Neyssa Lee Photography Ultimate Guide on What to Wear for Family Photos.

This leads us to our next lesson from awkward family photos.

Mother embracing daughter in the snow for portraits on Snoqualmie Pass

Awkward Family Photos” Lesson Two: Embrace Your Style

Authenticity is key to avoiding family photos that you’ll later regret your choices. Boho dresses and oversized bucket hats may be all the rage, but if they don’t reflect your family’s style, your photos could end up looking staged and phony. Further, you may not feel like yourself and thus be awkward in front of the camera because of this. Instead, stick to outfits that make your family feel comfortable and confident. After all, these photos are about capturing your family’s true essence, not a fashion parade.

Family with dog at Gold Creek Pond for photos in the snow

Avoid the “Pinterest Perfect” Trap

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but don’t get too caught up on recreating exact poses. Remember that show all about Pinterest fails? Think of trying to recreate poses like your own episode of that show! Ha!

Each family is unique, and trying to mirror a pose can result in forced, uncomfortable, and yes, awkward family photos. Trust your photographer to guide you with prompts and poses that naturally bring out your family’s charm and connection.

Kids hugging dog during family photo session on Snoqualmie Pass

Relax and Be in the Moment

Stiff, uncomfortable families are prime candidates for awkward family photos. The objective is not perfection; it’s about capturing authentic moments and genuine emotions. Let the kids be kids, encourage laughter, and embrace the beautiful chaos of family life. A relaxed family is a photogenic family.

Now, if you’re unsure of yourself in front of the camera, that is okay. As your Seattle area photographer, it’s my job to help you feel comfortable and guide you into poses that highlight your family best. Which leads me to the final tip here.

Boy playing with his dog in the snow at Gold Creek Pond

Say No to “Awkward Family Photos”: Trust Your Photographer

As your photographer, I’m not just here to press a button. My role is to guide you, help you feel at ease, and capture the best of your family. Trusting me can help you steer clear of awkward family photos and instead, create memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Your family photographs are about love, connection, and preserving the magic of childhood. They’re not about rigid poses, forced smiles, or becoming the next viral meme. So let go of the pressure, embrace the beautiful chaos, and get ready to create some truly memorable family photos.

Ready to create beautiful, authentic family photos that are anything but awkward? Contact me to book your family photo session today. For regular tips on how to make the most of your family photo session, subscribe to my newsletter and keep the awkwardness at bay.