Newborn baby girl against dads shoulder during professional Seattle area newborn photos

Why Professional Newborn Photos are a Must-Have Keepsake

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Welcoming a newborn into your life is one of the most extraordinary moments a family can experience. Among the flurry of changes, it’s easy to forget the tiny details that make this period so special. That’s where professional newborn photos come in. They capture the magic and emotion of this cherished time, offering families a priceless keepsake. But, why exactly are they a must-have? Let’s delve into it.

Newborn baby girl against dads shoulder during professional Seattle area newborn photos

Capturing the Magic in High Resolution

The arrival of a newborn is a fleeting period, filled with exquisite details – the tiny hands and feet, the soft curls, the sleepy yawns. Professional newborn photos capture these nuances in stunning clarity, something which casual phone snaps often fail to do. With a professional handling your newborn photoshoot, you get high-resolution images that can be beautifully framed or included in a keepsake album.

Smartphones have come a long way, however, they are far from the quality a professional photographer provides. If you are anything like me, you take plenty of photos with your phone but never do anything with them. Your baby deserves their newborn photos printed.

Your Entire Family Deserves to Be in Photos with Your Baby

Family with kitty and baby girl for in-home greater Seattle area portraits

Lifestyle newborn photography is not only about the new baby. It is about the entire household as they welcome that baby. Capturing that love, joy, excitement, and interest from siblings, parents, and even your dog or cat are important details of your baby’s story.

I am a mother of 6 and even as a professional photographer myself, I had professional newborn photos taken so that I could be in the photos with my family. I knew that a professional photographer would be able to highlight my entire family as we welcomed a baby all while helping me look and feel my best after giving birth.

That same experience is something you deserve. To know that your family is beautifully captured, your story preserved, without the stress, worry of how you’ll look (or the stress of seeing the unflattering photos your partner tried to take for you).

Safety First: The Professional Touch

Newborn photography is a delicate art that requires a gentle touch. Professional newborn photographers, like myself, are trained in newborn safety and posing. We know how to handle your baby with the utmost care, ensuring they’re comfortable, secure, and safe throughout the photoshoot. This level of care and attention simply cannot be matched in DIY newborn photography.

Mother holding newborn baby girls' feet lovingly during Snoqualmie newborn photos

In addition to photographing hundreds of families, I am a mother of 6. I have experienced the newborn stage many times and know the care a baby needs. I also know how it feels to be a mother who’s baby is crying. It makes your heart ache. Again, that is why baby’s comfort and safety is top priority during your entire in-home newborn photo session.

Black and white photo of baby girl in mother's arms for professional newborn photos in the greater Seattle area.

Preserving Memories with Professional Newborn Photos

Newborns grow incredibly fast. Professional newborn photos allow you to pause time, preserving the memory of their first days forever. These photographs serve as a beautiful reminder of your baby’s earliest days, becoming more valuable as time passes. They are not just photos, but a portal to the past, igniting memories and emotions every time you look at them.

Most families email me with “I cannot believe how much my baby is grown since we did these” after they receive their gallery of portraits. Even in the 2-3 weeks, it takes to get your photos back, your baby has changed tremendously.

Even more, every session comes with a custom, layflat album. You are busy and tired, the last thing on your mind is putting together a baby album. That is why the process is done for you.

The Art of Professional Newborn Photo Editing and Retouching

An often overlooked advantage of professional newborn photos is post-shoot editing and retouching. Professionals ensure the final images are polished, focusing on the baby while subtly fading out distractions. This can include minor blemish removal, color correction, and more, ensuring your keepsake photos are picture-perfect.

See How I Edit to get an idea of my natural, yet enhanced approach to newborn portraits.

Awake baby girl in crib looking at the camera during professional portraits

Embracing the Unique Family Environment

As a Seattle area photographer, I believe in highlighting the uniqueness of each family’s environment in the photo session. Instead of using props, I use the details and feel of your home to add depth and character to your newborn photos. This approach ensures that each image reflects your family’s authentic story and the environment your baby is stepping into.

Because we are not in a studio, we are able to easily incorporate your own pets into your session. Even more, it’s a much easier experience for any siblings and even the parents.

Discover why you don’t want a studio session for your Seattle area professional newborn photo session.

Baby with pacifier holding dad's fingers while waiting for bottle in Seattle newborn portrait session

Professional newborn photos are priceless keepsakes that every family deserves. They provide you the opportunity to capture the ephemeral first days of your baby’s life, preserving them as a family heirloom. These images are more than just photos; they are a visual narrative of your baby’s journey into the world – a priceless keepsake that will be treasured for generations.

If you live in the greater Seattle area (aka Seattle to Snoqualmie Pass), learn more about in-home newborn portraits. Receive regular tips on how to ensure your family has gorgeous photos by joining the Neyssa Lee Photography Newsletter.

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  1. Rekha says:

    Yes! Lifestyle photography is so perfectly suited to newborn sessions. It is the personal stories they tell, documenting the bonds and tender moments at home that makes professional lifestyle photography irreplaceable and a must-have keepsake!

  2. Becky says:

    Yes yes yes to all of these points! Professional newborn photos really are a must-have! And in-home sessions make it more personal!

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