Smiling toddler holding mother's hand during North Bend portrait session

Family Photos: All-Inclusive vs. Session Fee – Know What’s Best for You

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The search for a perfect photographer to capture your precious family photos can lead you down many different paths. Two common options are an all-inclusive package or a lower session fee model, each offering unique benefits and potential pitfalls.

Keep reading to discover which model is right for your family so you can continue your photographer search armed with helpful insight.

Family photos at Tanner Landing Park at Sunset

Understanding the All-Inclusive Approach to Family Photos

All-inclusive photography packages, like those offered by Neyssa Lee Photography, provide a comprehensive service. In my all-inclusive model, you receive everything from the actual photo session to the delivery of finished gallery images. Not only do you get your digitally finished images, but also a custom 8×8 album. This album will encapsulate the beautiful story of your family.

You will also receive help preparing for your session, from deciding what to wear to planning the right location, to tips on incorporating your dog. You can feel confident on picture day with an all-inclusive photographer.

The all-inclusive approach means no add-on costs, no surprises, only beautiful family photos.

Smiling toddler holding mother's hand during North Bend portrait session

Decoding Session Fee-Based Family Photos

Session fee-based photography, on the other hand, might seem more cost-effective upfront. However, it may not include all the services you need.

The lower fee typically only covers the photographer’s time for the session itself. Images, prints, and albums come at an additional cost. This means you might end up paying more than anticipated to get the full breadth of services you initially expected.

Session-fee-based photographers often have in-person sales sessions. These can be helpful with their support in selecting the right photos for wall displays or designing albums. However, the process can make you feel pressured to spend more than you had originally planned to. Not to mention the stress of trying to select only a few photos to ensure you’re staying on budget, who wants that?

One mother told me that she discovered it was going to cost over $5,000 for everything she wanted for her son’s senior photos with another photographer who had a session-fee service. She was shocked and glad she worked with me regularly for her family’s photos.

Mother and toddler boy watching dad with beagle on trail at Tanner Landing Park, North Bend, WA

Comparing All-Inclusive and Session Fee Models

When comparing the two, consider what’s most important to you in your family photos. If you’re after transparency and value, then an all-inclusive package like Neyssa Lee Photography’s is ideal. With this, you know precisely what you’re getting and spending right from the start.

On the other hand, the session fee model might initially seem less expensive, which may be more for you. There is nothing wrong with this model, however, ensure you receive all of your photographer’s pricing upfront. Set a budget, with a plan in mind for what you truly want and need before sitting down at the pricing.

Seattle family photo with mountains in background in North Bend, WA

Why Families Prefer Neyssa Lee Photography for Family Photos

So, why do families prefer Neyssa Lee Photography’s all-inclusive model for their family photos? The answer lies in simplicity and satisfaction. Families I work with appreciate knowing the full cost upfront and having the certainty of receiving a complete package. No having to narrow down to 10 images, you receive all of them (at least 75 in color and black and white).

One year old boy's curls during family photos in North Bend, WA

Furthermore, the included custom album is a treasured keepsake. Even families who didn’t expect the album said how much they love it. Even more, they love that they didn’t have to put in any work for a gorgeous album of their family. Plus, the elimination of surprise costs allows families to fully enjoy the experience without any financial stress.

In the end, what matters most is that your family photos capture your unique story. By choosing to work with an all-inclusive photographer, like Neyssa Lee Photography, you ensure a seamless experience that yields beautiful, memorable images.

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