Tips for Your Seattle Area In-Home Newborn Photo Session with Your Dog

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As a seasoned Seattle area photographer, I’ve had the joy of capturing many memorable moments during in-home newborn photo sessions. More and more families are asking, “How can we include our dog in the session?” At Neyssa Lee Photography, I understand that your dog isn’t just a pet, but a cherished family member. Preparing for an in-home newborn photo session with your dog requires thoughtful planning. Below are some practical tips to ensure a smooth, enjoyable photo session.

Seattle area in home newborn photo of mother holding baby while father holds dog

Pre-Session Dog Walk for a Calm In-Home Newborn Photo Session

Before I arrive, have your partner take your dog for a walk. I know it can feel chaotic trying to get ready for photos with a newborn, however, it is a worth it step. This not only exercises your furry friend but also calms them down. A calm dog equals a smoother photo session.

Understanding Your Dog’s Excitement

Your dog might initially be more excited when I enter your home. It’s natural and part of the in-home newborn photo session with your dog experience.
Think of it as if someone came to visit your family in your home. Your dog gets excited as they arrive, but generally settles down. The same goes for newborn photo sessions. Gradually, they’ll relax, allowing us to capture those perfect family moments.

Family with beagle and baby for Snoqualmie Valley photo session

Baby’s Safety in Your In-Home Newborn Photo Session

While we all adore a heartwarming family photo, safety comes first. During your session, I will not pose baby with your dog unless it unfolds naturally. Instead, we will focus on the entire family with your baby and pup! Usually, one parent will be holding the baby, while another snuggles in close with the dog. Of course, this depends on the size of your dog. The bigger dogs may need to be next to you instead of in your lap, unless they think they are little like my 90lb Golden Retriever does!

Mom holding newborn baby as chocolate lab noses baby

Your Dogs Comfort Means Better Photos

If your dog has a favorite toy or treat, use it during the session. It can make your dog more comfortable and add a personal touch to the photos.

A treat is a great way to have them snuggled into your lap, giving sweet kisses.

Sleeping dog with sleeping newborn baby during in home newborn photos in North Bend, WA

Flexibility in Your In-Home Newborn Photo Session

Being flexible is key to an in-home newborn photo session with your dog. Sometimes your dog or baby might need a break. It’s all part of the process, ensuring we capture genuine moments rather than forced poses.

Just like we go at the pace of your baby, stopping to feed baby or change diapers, we also go at the pace of your pup. Should your dog seem to be getting to excited by all of the attention we can give them a break. Often the partner not holding baby will take “Fido” into the other room, while I focus on baby with one parent and any siblings.

Dog trying to see newborn baby in crib as parents reach in the crib towards baby

The Magic of Including Your Dog in Your Newborn Photo Session

Including your dog in your in-home newborn photo session can add an extra layer of joy to your photos. As a Seattle area photographer, I believe in capturing the magic of family life, including the bond between your newborn and your dog.

Ready for a memorable in-home newborn photo session with your dog? Contact Neyssa Lee Photography today. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more tips on relaxed and joyful photo sessions.