baby registry checklist, newborn baby with sibling, must haves for baby

Baby Registry Checklist: What You Really Need For Your Baby

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baby registry checklist, newborn baby with sibling, must haves for baby

There are thousands of different items out there for baby. Just trying to decide what to put on your baby registry checklist can be completely overwhelming.

While there are many things out there that are nice to have, there is not much you need for baby during those first few weeks. After six kids, I’ve honed in on what you really need and I’ve put them into a baby registry checklist just for you.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a full list of items that cover baby’s first year. Instead it is a list of things that I found as must haves the first few months with baby. Other items can always be purchased later as you see what baby is like and what fits your parenting style.

The first thing on the baby registry checklist are sleepers, rompers, and gowns.

This is the most fun thing on the baby checklist, as who doesn’t love adorable baby clothing. But notice I didn’t say outfits. Newborns and outfits don’t work. They are tiny, they hate to be naked and cold, and they hate things pulled over their heads. You want to keep them covered, and sleepers, one piece rompers and gowns work well for doing just that.

My favorite places to shop for baby is Lou Lou and Company, Hanna Anderson, and Little Sleepies.

baby registry checklist, newborn baby with big brother

Next on the baby registry checklist are swaddles and sleep sacks.

Newborns love to be swaddled tightly. Having good swaddles and sleep sacks will make your life easier and baby’s more comfortable.

I personally had a few large swaddles (I love those by Lou Lou and Company and Copper Pearl as they are large, stretchy and so soft) to use those first few weeks while baby is so tiny. They are also great to have as blankets in the carseat, coverups for nursing in public, and blankets in the park as baby is a little older.

Then I moved to sleep sacks. For the first few months I loved the kind with velcro for the arms. Then the Love to Dream were great for my babies that preferred arms up, while still staying contained.

Another must have for life with a newborn is a soft structured carrier.

While many may say how much they love wraps for baby wearing, I prefer the longevity and easy of a soft structured carrier. I have tried many brands, and by far Tula was the most comfortable. Wraps were a pain to put on for me, and my oldest was such a chunk that other carriers just pulled on my neck and left me sore. The Tula was by far the most comfortable and has been used for the last four kids!

Baby wearing not only allows you to get things done while keeping baby snuggled close, it allows for you to take nice walks. The fresh air and exercise can help tremendously with your mood.

Bonnets are a great addition to your baby registry checklist.

Okay, bonnets are more of a fun item than a “must have.” However, keeping baby’s head warm and/or protected from the sun is important, they might as well be cute, right? I like the tie feature of a bonnet that keeps thm in place.

Briar Baby has adorable bonnets no matter the season, with poms for winter or brimmed options for sunnier climates.

A sound machine should be added to your baby registry checklist, too.

This may surprise you but a sound machine is golden during baby’s first year. Baby is used to the white noise like sounds from being in the womb. White noise is great for helping prevent startling and helping baby settle to sleep. Plus, using a white noise machine can help block out other sudden noises that are bound to happen.

We purchased the Hatch Sound Machine with our 5th child and I wish I had it for earlier children. It has a light option so you can have dim red light, which is helpful for middle of the night

Finally, a must have for any baby registry checklist are newborn photos

Of course, as a newborn photographer I may be a little biased, but newborn photos are vital. Those early days will go by so quickly, many of which will be in a fog of sleeplessness.

Many photographers even offer gift certificates as options to include on your baby’s registry.

While there are plenty of other things to include on your registry (like, diapers and wipes and a car seat so you can actually leave the hospital!) these are things that we use regularly. There are also plenty of other “fun” things to have and many people will have strong opinions, however, I found that less is really more those newborn days.

Plus, isn’t nursing all night long made for online shopping?

If you’re looking for more tips and information about newborn photos, baby’s first year and more, check out my Newborn Blog Category at the link below!

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