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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

When I was first starting my business I spent every extra waking moment on my business. It was a passion, I was driven to make it work. Over the years, not only did my business grow, but so did my family. I went from no kids to 2 young kids in 18 months.

While I did not want my family to suffer, I also did not want my business to suffer either. I had worked hard and wanted to continue to see growth. So I kept pouring myself into my business.

When I was building my business, I forgot something vital. I forgot myself.

Between growing my business and taking care of my family I forgot to tend to myself and I suffered. I found times that I wanted to quit. I thought I wasn’t cut out to be a mom, a business owner, and sometimes I thought I wasn’t cut out for either of those things.

The guilt and struggle of trying to do it all was weighing down on me. I often felt like a failure, that I had nothing to offer.

The truth was, I was pouring from an empty cup.

Since I was already feeling guilty, I felt it was selfish to take time for myself.

But I was far from wrong. I needed a break, I needed to focus on myself, and that is not only not selfish, it is vital for my own mental health.

Once I started remembering my own needs I became a better mother, business owner, wife, friend.

With a full cup, I can let it flow out to others in my life.

If you’re a busy mom trying to run a business, you’re probably wondering how on earth you can find time for yourself.

You just have to schedule it.

Sit down with your calendar and your partner and pick days and times that are just for you. This isn’t time for you to run errands, do work jobs, or tend to the kids. It’s time just for you. You can grab coffee with a friend, sit in peace and quiet somewhere, or take a long, hot, uninterrupted bath, get a pedicure. Do anything you love. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, it just needs to be for YOU.

Then stick to it. Build in time weekly for smaller things and monthly or quarterly (or more often if you can) for bigger time away.

I try to schedule a few times a week where I can journal, read, drink my coffee in peace, or take a long bath with a bath bomb and a podcast. These may seem like small things, but they help and refill me so much.

Do regular self check ins.

Once I realized that I needed to take better care of myself, I made some big changes. However, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect at it. I go through periods where I get too busy or don’t schedule time putting it off until later. But as I feel those “signs” of overwhelm (such as burnout, feeling like a failure or just unable to give anything more, for example) I check in and see when was the last time I had time for myself. Usually it has been too long and I make it a priority again.

You, too, can check in with yourself. Get grounded in self care and feel the difference. See how just minor changes in allowing yourself to take a break will improve your mood, attitude, and overall productivity.

Commit to yourself, right now.

You are important. You are VITAL. So join me, right now, and commit to yourself. Schedule time for yourself this week. Commit to checking in regularly and to becoming the best version of yourself by giving yourself time you need.

I believe in you, my friend. But all the hustle in world won’t matter for your business if you feel like you’re drowning.

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