backlight senior photo by the water on Mercer Island

What to Wear for Senior Photos

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Choosing what to wear for senior photos can be both exciting and a bit daunting. These photos are a milestone, capturing a significant moment in your life. Senior photos is about capturing you on a great day. The key is to select outfits that make you feel confident and truly reflect who you are.

Let’s dig into my top tips as a Seattle photographer on selecting what to wear for your senior photos.

what to wear for senior photos, guy casual example outfit at Luther Burbank Park

First when selecting what to wear for senior photos think, “comfort meets style”

First and foremost, pick outfits that you feel amazing in. Your senior photos should reflect your personality and style. Whether you’re more into vintage fashion, sporty looks, or anything in between, your outfit should be a reflection of you. If you love dresses, wear one. If you hate them, don’t!

Comfort is key; if you feel good in what you’re wearing, it’ll shine through in your photos. Along the lines of comfort in what to wear for senior photos is can you move easily in your outfit? Think about walking, standing, sitting, and how you feel in it.

Another thing to consider is having an “elevated” option for one of your senior photo outfits.

When choosing what to wear for senior photos is to consider choosing one outfit that is a bit more formal. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style. An elevated look can still be very much ‘you’. Think of a dressier version of your everyday style – maybe a blazer over your favorite band tee or a chic dress paired with cool sneakers.

High school senior in elevated suit for pictures on Mercer Island

Add layers and accessories for more interest.

Layers can add depth and interest to your photos. A cool jacket, a stylish hat, or even a scarf can make your outfit pop. Accessories like jewelry, watches, and sunglasses are also great, as long as they fit with your style. Remember, these little details when thinking about what to wear for senior photos can make a big difference in your photos.

Shoes Matter, too.

Don’t forget about your shoes! They can be a fun way to show off your style. Whether it’s a pair of classic boots, trendy sneakers, or elegant flats, make sure your shoes complement your outfit and are something you’re comfortable moving in.

Feel free to bring along several pairs of shoes to your senior portrait session. Have shoes that go with your different styles of outfits.

backlight senior photo by the water on Mercer Island

What to Avoid Wearing for Senior Photos

There are a few things to steer clear of for your senior photos. Large logos and neon colors can be distracting and don’t photograph well. Also, consider that your parents and grandparents will see these photos – so outfits like crop tops might not be the best choice. Additionally, if you’re wearing skirts or shorts, make sure you can sit and move comfortably in them.

Of course, if you’re feeling unsure, I’m here to help you as your senior photographer. When you are booked with me, you can send over photos and receive advice on what to wear for your senior photos.

Remember, what to wear for senior photos is all about showcasing who you are at this moment in your life.

Stay true to your style, choose outfits that make you feel great, and your confidence will shine through in your photos. At Neyssa Lee Photography, I celebrate the unique beauty and personality of every senior I photograph. Let’s make your senior photo session a fun, memorable experience that you’ll cherish forever!