Beach family photo outfit ideas with bright colors at Seabrook, WA

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Capturing your family’s moments at the beach is a unique experience, and choosing the right beach family photo outfits is key to creating beautiful, lasting memories. This guide will help you select attire that is both photogenic and true to your family’s style.

Beach family photo outfit ideas with bright colors at Seabrook, WA

Choosing Beach Family Photo Outfits

When selecting outfits for beach family photos, think about colors and styles that reflect your family’s personality. While all-white is a classic choice, don’t be afraid to embrace a palette of pastels, brights, and earth tones. The beach’s natural setting provides a versatile backdrop that complements a variety of colors.

Coordinated Styles for the Shore

It’s important to coordinate your family’s beach photo outfits for a cohesive look without being overly matchy-matchy. Aim for a harmonious blend of colors and patterns that reflect your family’s unique style. This coordination will bring a sense of unity to your photos while allowing individual personalities to shine.

In otherwords, don’t put everyone in a plain white T-shirt with jeans. Instead, use colors, textures, prints, and/or layers to add interest to your family’s beach photo outfits.

You can always take a deeper look at what to wear for family photos (as these tips apply no matter where your photos are)

Comfort and Functionality in Beach Photo Outfits

Choose comfortable, lightweight fabrics suitable for the beach environment. Clothes that you’re okay with getting a bit wet and sandy are ideal. Think about breathable materials like cotton or linen, which will keep you cool and comfortable during the photo session.

Along similar lines, think about outfits that your family can easily move and play in. Thin strapped dresses that may keep falling, or overly short clothing can lead to frustration during your session.

Girl twirling in the sand at North Jetty in Ocean Shores, Wa during family photos

Layers for Changing Beach Climates

The climate at the beach can be unpredictable, especially on the Washington coast. Incorporating light layers such as cardigans, sweatshirts, or jean jackets can provide warmth in cooler temperatures and add an interesting dynamic to your photos. Of course, we can always start with them off and add them as the evening progresses. Keeping kids warm and comfortable means they are happier and will last longer during our time together on the beach.

Shoes for Beach Sessions

While barefoot is a popular and natural choice for beach photos, bringing along sandals or flip-flops is practical for walking to and from the beach. Choose footwear that’s easy to remove and complements your overall outfit.

Avoid socks and tie shoes. Instead, embrace the natural beach feel of barefoot. Of course, you’ll want shoes for the grassy areas of the beach where we typically begin our Ocean Shores or Seabrook portrait session.

Family walking through grasses at North Jetty, Ocean Shores

Final Tips for Your Beach Photo Session

Remember to bring towels and a change of clothes for post-session comfort. Beach sessions can be playful and might involve some splashing and sand, so being prepared will make the experience more enjoyable.

if you have younger children, consider bringing pajamas for after the session. Since summer beach photo sessions take place around 7:30-8:00 pm, your kids will be up later. So once you get back to your car, they can get warm and dry and are ready to slide right into bed.

Family playing in the ocean during photo session at Seabrook, wa

At Neyssa Lee Photography, my focus is on capturing your family’s essence in a way that’s both natural and beautiful. You should look at your photos and see YOUR family. Selecting the right beach family photo outfits plays a significant role in this process. Embrace colors, choose comfortable and coordinated styles, and most importantly, enjoy the experience of creating these timeless memories.

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Contact me about booking a beach family photo session. Need different session dates? I’m available for travel (*travel fees apply).

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