children running in the sand during playful family beach photos at Ocean Shores, WA

Family Beach Photos: Stress-Free Guide at Ocean Shores

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Planning your family beach photos at the picturesque Ocean Shores or Seabrook can be a delightful and stress-free experience. With the right approach and mindset, these family portraits will not only capture beautiful moments but also provide an enjoyable, relaxed photoshoot experience for everyone involved.

children running in the sand during playful family beach photos at Ocean Shores, WA

Trust Your Photographer for Perfect Family Beach Photos

A crucial element of successful family beach photos is trusting your photographer. They bring expertise in capturing the essence of your family, ensuring your photos are as natural and beautiful as the setting. While you could try setting up a tripod, you know that will be more stressful for you and lead to less connected photos.

Instead, you’ve chosen to hire an expert, someone who knows what looks good for family beach photos. Being a Seattle family photographer for more than a decade, I know how to take beautiful family portraits. As a photographer who is also a mom of 6, I understand how to help make the process less stressful and more playful for the entire family.

Mother kissing daughter with husband nearby during portrait session at Ocean Shores

Timing for Family Beach Photos with Kids

For family beach photos, timing is everything. Family portrait sessions take place one hour before sunset, what is known as “golden hour.” This leads to flattering and magical light for your family photos at the beach.

This can be very late during the summer months. But even with younger children, you can still have beautiful photos at the ocean. To keep the little ones in high spirits, consider adjusting their routine with a longer nap during the day. In the past, I have had families book their sessions for their travel day since the drive down to the ocean often leads to longer naps and more of the need to get out and run on the beach. Plus, the relaxed atmosphere at the beach, particularly in Ocean Shores, is perfect for keeping kids happy and engaged without the pressure of perfection.

what to wear for lifestyle family beach photos

Dress Right for Your Ocean Shores Beach Session

When it comes to what to wear for your family beach photos, both neutrals and bold colors work wonderfully against the Ocean Shores’ scenic landscape. Choose comfortable clothing that reflects your family’s style and allows for playful interaction with the beach environment.

The beauty of family photos at the ocean is that less is more. You’ll be running into the waves, there’s no need for bulky shoes. Instead, bring sandals for the walk to the water. You’ll be ditching your shoes the rest of the session!

father and son jumping waves during portrait session at Ocean Shores, WA

Embracing the Moment in Your Beach Portraits

Letting go and embracing the spontaneous moments are what make family beach photos truly special. You’re on vacation, you’re at the beach. Allow the natural beauty and your family’s genuine interactions to create perfect photo opportunities.

Remember that first point above? Trust in your photographer. I will guide and prompt you with ways to interact and engage with your family that photograph beautifully.

Family beach photo of family of four running into the waves at Ocean Shores, WA

Your family beach photos, whether in Ocean Shores or near Seabrook, are more than just pictures; they are treasured memories captured in time. Your family will forever remember your vacation and the fun you had having family portraits taken. With these tips, you’re set for a fun, relaxed, and memorable beach photography experience that will be cherished forever.

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