What to Wear for Newborn Photos in Your Home

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You’ve booked your newborn photo session, now, what do you wear?

If you were going to a studio, they might have clothes for everyone, or tell you all to just wear white. But you’ve decided that something more personal like an in-home, lifestyle newborn photo session is what’s best for your family.

Wonderful! That is my specialty!

There are three simple tips when deciding what to wear for your newborn photo session.

what to wear for newborn photos, seattle newborn photography

What to Wear for Newborn Photos Tip #1: Wear something comfortable and casual.

This is not the time to be overly fancy or dressy. We are in your home. You will be snuggled up on the couch, or on the master bed. Wearing formal attire will not feel right, nor will it work well for getting snuggly.

Instead pick things that are a little more casual and comfortable. Something you would want to get in close with each other. Soft fabrics are also smart for holding baby in close.

what to wear for newborn photos, seattle Newborn Photographer

What to Wear for Photos Tip #2: Consider Your Home Decor When Selecting Colors.

Neutrals are always a great option. Sticking with grays, whites, creams, browns or even navy and black. These photograph well and don’t detract from baby. Should you want to add in color, consider the feel of your home.

Again, the session is taking place in your home. If your walls are dark in color, contrasting with lighter colors may offer a nice balance. Or stick with the same tones such as all neutrals if your walls are white/cream. If your master bedroom is sea foam green, consider that when selecting colors, so that you don’t clash with the walls. (Don’t forget your master bedroom bedding. If it’s blue and white and printed, then sticking with more solids in outfits is a great idea).

A great way to test is to lay out your outfits in each room that might be used (again, this is usually the living room, master bedroom and a nursery if there is one). Because multiple spaces may be used, this is also why neutrals work well.

Newborn toes, Seattle Newborn Photography

What to Wear for Newborn Photos Tip #3: Use textures to add interest into your photos.

If you’re sticking with neutrals you may worry that your photos will be too flat feeling. Try using textures instead of bold patterns to add in that interest. Things like a chunky ribbed sweater, or a waffle henley for your husband can add in some nice textures for your photos.

I love a good textured blanket or quilt on mom and dad’s bed that we can simply lay baby on in a plain onesie (or even simply a diaper) for some beautiful and classic feeling photos. That texture can add a lot without detracting from your sweet newborn baby.

Looking for more ideas on what to wear for your newborn photos? Head to my Pinterest Board!

Ready to book your Seattle area newborn photo session? Contact me below and we will get your family scheduled!


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