gift idea's for baby's 1st Christmas, baby in Christmas bonnet

Top Gift Ideas for Baby’s 1st Christmas

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gift idea's for baby's 1st Christmas, baby in Christmas bonnet

Top Gift Ideas for Baby’s 1st Christmas

Feeling stuck on gift ideas for your baby’s 1st Christmas?

It doesn’t matter how old baby will be on Christmas Day, their first Christmas will always be special. However, the thought of getting a tiny baby something when they have no idea what is happening may seem a little silly. (Trust me, one of my kids was born just days before Christmas, she wasn’t opening any presents, of course). Yet, we still wanted her 1st Christmas to be special.

My #1 tip when shopping for Baby’s 1st Christmas is think about when baby is older. 

Just because baby is 2 months old, doesn’t mean you only buy for a 2 month old. Think of the older age range that baby will get to eventually. Trust me, your future self will thank you for thinking ahead as you have some fresh toys as they reach new stages. 

I will also think about other seasons and baby’s age. Will baby be a standing toddler come spring? Then a water table or something for a sandbox might be a good idea. Even if they cannot use it now that’s okay.

Another gift idea for Baby’s 1st Christmas is a special ornament.

My family has a tradition of getting a new ornament each year. I like to select something that represents something each child loved or did that year. For baby’s 1st year I love to find something sweet that symbolizes that it is his/her first year but also could include their name and the year. 

Baby with wooden toy from Bannor Toys

Classic wooden toys make a beautiful and timeless gift idea for baby’s 1st Christmas. 

There are certain toys that are apart of each baby’s first year. I love to make them a little extra special by having them last by being wooden and beautiful. Examples are shape sorters, a wooden stacker, or a rattle for the very young babies.

Since I love to shop small, I love Bannor Toys. Their teethers are one of my favorite gifts to give at baby showers, but also make great stocking stuffers. We also have their chunky wooden puzzles, rattles, and stackers. 

Baby with slumberkins

A stuffed animal or lovie is a sweet gift for a baby.

As baby grows, they will love feeling things, learning new textures, and finding comfort in certain items. Christmas is a great time to introduce a new little friend, such as a stuffed animal or a lovie (which is like a mini soft blanket with a stuffed animal attached). 

Favorites around our house are Jelly Cats and Slumberkins for the super soft and sweet animals of all kinds. 

Books are one of my favorite gifts for baby.

It is never too early to start reading to baby. Building up that library early is such a gift. If you want something that will get used earlier, choose books that include touchy-feely options (such as anything from Usborne’s That’s Not My series) or something shorter in length. Or plan for later and get great board books that will be cherished as baby grows older.

Shopping for your baby’s 1st Christmas is so much fun and full of meaning. Just because baby is too little to understand, doesn’t mean you can’t pick something special that will be cherished as baby grows.

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