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Plan your outfits before baby is born.

The first tip I give to expectant moms who book a newborn session with me is to plan their outfits before baby is born. Once that little bundle of joy arrives, you won’t want to be running to the store, or digging in the closet for something to wear. And I’m sure you don’t want to be sending your husband out shopping for clothes either! By having some things planned in advance, you can focus on snuggling your sweet little baby.

However, if you’re baby is here and you haven’t planned anything, that is 100% okay!

Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Newborn Photographer, What to Wear for Newborn Photos

Most of the regular family photo session rules to selecting outfits still apply.

Just because the session is in your home doesn’t mean you can’t use the usual rules for selecting outfits for family photos. Things like, select 2-3 colors for everyone to wear is still a great rule of thumb. And when mom feels beautiful it shows, really is important for newborn photos too.

To refresh on these rules I’m talking about head over and read What to Wear for Family Photos and then come back here to finish reading about more newborn session specific details.

What to Wear for Newborn Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Photo of sleeping newborn baby in moms arms

Keep the family outfits neutral, clean, classic and comfortable.

A newborn session is about capturing your family with the focus on the newest addition.  You will be snuggled up on the couch and/or the master bed. Of course you want to look nice, however, you want to be comfortable. You just had a baby! This isn’t the time for fancy dresses, or bold colors.

Neutrals photograph beautifully and look timeless. But this does NOT mean everyone wears a plain white t-shirt. Consider grey, tan, charcoal, black, white, navy, or even soft blue or soft pink to add a hint of color.

Mom, get a grey, white, or black nursing tank and a sweater to go over top. The tank top allows for those beautiful and intimate skin to skin shots, while we can throw the cardigan over for a little more formal shot with the family. Jeans (maternity are still most comfortable) or leggings are perfect pairing. You can also wear a soft, casual dress if that’s more comfortable, too.

Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle New Photographer, What to Wear Newborn Photos

Neyssa Lee Photography, What to Wear Newborn Photos, Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer, Family of 3

Dads and siblings should dress in neutral colors too. Again, this is the time for the focus to be on baby. Black, grey, white, cream, navy are all great for newborn sessions. Patterns are okay as long a they are simple and not distracting. 

Swaddle Baby in a diaper or a well-fitted onesie.

Newborns, as adorable as they are, don’t do well in “outfits.” Now is not the time to put them in huge dresses or stiff outfits. They just can’t hold it up and often get lost in all that material. Newborns are beautiful just as they are, so I suggest stripping them down to just a diaper and swaddling them in a blanket. 

Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Newborn Photographer, Newborn baby boy in swaddle

If you really want to dress baby, a well fitting onesie or sleeper are ideal for photos. While I’m the mom that sizes up when I buy clothes for my kids, newborn photos is not the time for this. Since babies love to blow out diapers and spit up, having a couple of options allows for back ups, just in case! A few favorite brands for neutral newborn clothes are L’oved Baby and Hanna Anderson.

Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Newborn Photographer, Newborn baby boy in dads arms

Have any specialty items ready for your session.

While I do not use any props for my sessions, you may have a special item you want included in your session. If you have a special christening gown or handmade blanket from grandma, by all means, I’d love to include them in a few photos. Families also often like to have something to use as a size marker for their photos, like a special stuffed animal or toy. Again, planning these things in advance means less to worry once that sweet baby arrives!

I’m here to help, just ask.

If you’re still unsure, I’m available to help any of the families I photograph. 

Are you expecting and ready to book your newborn session? Contact me and let’s chat about your upcoming little arrival!

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