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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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What is a Fresh 48 Newborn Session?

A Fresh 48 Newborn Session is a photo session that takes place shortly after baby is born, while you are still in the hospital. 

What is a fresh 48 session, neyssa lee photography, newborn baby girl held by dad

But doesn’t my hospital have a photographer?

It is true that many hospitals have a photographer that comes to the hospital each day. However, these photographers are rarely professionals, and they are coming on their schedule. I speak from experience when I say the experience with the hospital photographer left me feeling they were rushed. When you book a Fresh 48 session with me, we discuss when is best for me to come, whether that’s to be there as siblings meet for the first time, or after you’ve had a meal. There are no surprises when I will show up. You not only will have a better overall experience but the photos will be higher quality and more meaningful to your family.

What is a fresh 48 session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn, Doctor examining newborn baby boy

What does a Fresh 48 Session capture?

There is nothing quite like those first hours with a new baby. You will be amazed how quickly your baby changes those first weeks. A Fresh 48 Session captures your brand new baby and all of those tiny details found in the hospital. The hospital bands around his tiny ankles, those hospital swaddles, the clear bassinet, and of course, your intense love for this little being you just brought into this world. 

Fresh 48 sessions are also the perfect time to capture siblings meeting for the very first time. Having me present to photograph the first meeting means you can enjoy this time together as a family, soaking up your new little one.

What is a fresh 48 session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn, Big Brother Meeting newborn brother

Why would I want photos hours after giving birth?

Birth is an amazing process no matter how it happens. However, it can really take it’s toll on us. You may be exhausted, uncomfortable, trying to figure out nursing, and even still sporting IVs. Yet you also couldn’t be more radiant as you snuggle your sweet new babe. Trust me, plenty of pictures will be taken. 

When my first son was born my dad, an excited new grandpa, took plenty of photos with his iPad. Though he had the best of intentions, they were either out of focus, blurry, or made me look awful. And as you know, iPad photo quality isn’t great in itself. I had also been so weak and pale that I hardly took any photos myself those first days. I wish I had more photos from those first days. 

When you have a Fresh 48 session you can not only rest easy knowing your family will be well documented, but rest assured knowing I will be using light and angles to highlight your love for your child and not those less beautiful postpartum aspects. 

What is a Fresh 48 Session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Mom with newborn baby

What if my baby is in the NICU?

Should your baby need to spend time in the NICU we can still document that part of his story. The session may look a little different, and it may take a little longer, however, I promise you won’t regret having photos of that time. I had one client even tell me that she did not plan on a NICU stay, but is so glad that we went ahead with her baby boy’s session. Years later and she can look back on how far he has come now. 

What is a Fresh 48 Session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Baby in NICU

How long is a Fresh 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 session lasts about 30 minutes. The goal of the Fresh 48 session is to photograph your sweet babe and all his details allowing you time to get back to resting. Of course, should we need to pause for a nurse check up, or any interruptions like that, we are able to do so without leaving you feeling rushed.

What is a Fresh 48 Session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Newborn Baby Umbilical Stump

What if I want my other kids included in our session?

We can not only have your kids present at your session, but we can plan it so that I arrive before your children. I can document the first time they see their siblings, the first time they hold baby, and your first family plus one photo. You can sit back and take in the moment, leaving the documenting all to me.

What is a Fresh 48 Session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Siblings Meeting Baby Brother

What Should I Bring to My Fresh 48 Session?

You do not have to bring anything to your Fresh 48 session. However, you can. Often I will suggest moms pack a neutral nursing tank (black, grey, white) and loose sweater, and leggings in their hospital bag. Of course, you’re more than welcome to wear the hospital gown, yet a fresh change of clothes helps you feel refreshed and picture ready. 

In the end, a Fresh 48 session is about documenting that fleeting time in the hospital as you are enjoying the first hours with your newest family member. This session allows you to relax while having a professional worry about capturing all of those special details.

What is a Fresh 48 Session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Mom and Newborn Baby in Hospital

When do I book my Fresh 48 Session?

You can book your session anytime during your pregnancy. Typically the end of the second trimester to early third trimester is the best time. Do to the nature of the session I am only able to accept a few per month to ensure I am available when baby comes. Of course, if you are reading this and in labor, contact me and I will do all I can to come for a Fresh 48 session.

What is a Fresh 48 Session, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Newborn Feet

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out, or leave a comment below.


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    Such a great post! Beautiful images and very helpful for new moms!! great job!

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    Love all these tips, and the images are beautiful and so emotional!

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    great great great idea! beautiful images!

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    Gorgeous work!

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    What a wonderful blog post! I wish I would have had a Fresh 48 with you when I had my babies! Your images are so real and and pure! ❤️

  6. Such a helpful post, and beautiful images!!

  7. Such a helpful post, and beautiful images!!

  8. Such a helpful post, and beautiful images!!

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