Top Tips for Taking Family-Themed Halloween Photos

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Does your family love dressing up for Halloween with themed family costumes? Mine does. Shhh….don’t tell them that people don’t dress up in themes. I’m holding on as long as I can. As a parent who is honestly, a little so-so about Halloween itself, but is giddy over family themed Halloween photos, I’m here to help you do just that. Why go through all of the trouble of putting together costumes for everyone only to forget to take photos.

If you missed my Halloween post on 5 Tips for Magical Halloween Photos, go read that. It has some important tips (like take photos early!)

Your location for themed family costume photos matters.

Of course, you can set the kids up on the front porch by the pumpkins and take pretty pictures. But you’re wanting to step up your game and a major way to do this is by selecting the right location. Think about your characters and where they would be found naturally. How can you create the mood to match your costumes?

Another favorite way to highlight the costumes is to find some great fall color. Find an area with beautiful fall color, leaves on the ground and set up.

When taking photos of multiple children have them stand on a “tightrope.”

If you want everyone to be in focus, tell your kids to line up like they are on a tightrope. This will put them all on in a straight line and keep them all in focus if you’re shooting straight on.

Top Tips for Taking Family Themed Halloween Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Photography Tips, Photo of Kids dressed as Wizard of Oz Characters

Keep them interested in family-themed Halloween photos by having them participate not by saying “cheese”.

I’m sure you want your kids to smile and sit still. But they are in costume! That’s the last thing they want to do. So embrace it and get more genuine smiles while you’re at it. I will ask my own kids to sing songs (for some reason Jingle Bells is always the one that comes to mind. I guess I’m just ready for Christmas once Halloween is here)! Kids can twirl in place, wiggle side to side, scream “Happy Halloween!” (because when they get to yell loudly it’s much more fun than simply saying “cheese.)”

Top Tips for Taking Family Themed Halloween Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Photography Tips, Photo of Boy dressed Tin Man

Don’t forget to take individual photos, too.

Let each kid shine by taking a photo themselves. This is the time to let them really get into character. Ask them what their character would do or say, how they would swing their axe or lightsaber, or how they would use their magic wand, etc.

Top Tips for Taking Family Themed Halloween Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Photography Tips, Photo of Toddler dressed as the Cowardly Lion

Keep it short and fun when taking family-themed Halloween photos.

Whenever you are having kids participate in photos keep it short and fun. The less stressed you are and they more fun they have, the more likely they will want to go out and take photos when you ask them again.

If things feel like they aren’t going well, take a break. Try again another time. I know you got everyone dressed up, however, it’s worth it to not try to press through and leave your photo-taking adventure with a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

When taking the individual photos of my kids in their Wizard of Oz costumes, my toddler was over it and just wanted to explore. While I really wanted all of their individual photos to be in the same area, he just wasn’t having it. So I had to embrace it and capture him as he explored the area. Was it perfect? No. But I also didn’t ruin the fun by trying to force the matter.

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