Photos of Baby’s 1st Year – From Baby Bump to One Year

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Anyone can tell you that baby’s first year is filled with so many firsts, milestones, and tremendous growth. Never will a year pass faster than your baby’s first year of life. So how do you hold on? How do you beautifully document your Baby’s 1st Year?

With photos of baby’s 1st year!

What sessions can you have done during baby’s 1st year?

Begin documenting Baby’s 1st Year with a mini-maternity photo session.

Capture your pregnancy glow and even more importantly, your family just before you welcome a new member (or members, if you’re having twins!). In just a few months, once baby is here, you’ll find yourself missing that baby bump, those kicks and be able to look back and see your sweet pregnant self.

Plus, you’re able to document big sister loving on baby brother before he even arrived. Kids also love seeing themselves when they were in mama’s tummy!

Scroll through for a tiny look at a mini maternity photo session.

You will forever cherish photos of your newborn baby, all taken from the comfort of your very own home.

Once your baby arrives we will document his arrival in the most relaxed way possible within your own home. Mom’s recovery and baby’s comfort and safety are my utmost priority. Props and unnatural poses are not used, instead your baby leads the way, unfolding into positions that are both beautiful and authentic.

Siblings are able to come and go as needed, your pup can even make an appearance, all while getting details such as the nursery and the “big bed” (where life is probably happening a lot right now) photographed.

Scroll through for a tiny look at a newborn photo session.

Capture your baby’s growth and personality starting to shine with a milestone photo session.

Add in a session around 6 or 7 months (often when baby is sitting on his own) to capture his big smiles, the way he sits a little wobbly, and the way big sister loves on him. This “mini” session can take place anytime during the first year as long as you’ve booked a full session as well (such as a newborn or 1st year session). These are perfect ways to document those middle stages during baby’s 1st year.

Celebrate a birthday with a family photo session and a cake smash!

You’ve made it around the sun. What is the best way to celebrate? Family photos, of course! We begin your photo session with a regular family session. Towards the end, you’re welcome to bring out a cake (don’t worry, I can help you plan out these details) for a natural cake smash shoot!

At the end of the year, you will have plenty of memories from his first year, and beautiful photos along the way that you’ll love forever. I promise you will never regret having your family documented during Baby’s 1st Year. Don’t just let cell phone photos and selfies be all that exists of your family.

(Need a good cake baker recommendation? Decorative Desserts by Danielle makes the most delicious and beautiful cakes)

Contact me and we can discuss what sessions are right for documenting your baby’s first year!


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