make reels more efficiently, using reels for business

Top Tips for Making Reels for Your Business More Efficiently

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make reels more efficiently, using reels for business

If you’ve been holding out making reels because you thought they would soon go away, it might be time to rethink that. Maybe you’ve tried making them and thought, this is taking WAY too long, I don’t have time for that.

Or maybe you were like me thinking, “no way am I dancing and pointing my way to new followers.”

But let me change your mind. If you are looking for a way to grow your instagram account, making reels are the way to do it. Of course, your strategy matters. You want these followers to be authentic, you want them to turn into clients.

I like to think of reels as easy opportunities to show my personality, my brand, and to serve my client. They are like Neyssa Lee Photography commercials that I didn’t have to pay for air time. As a small business owner, it doesn’t get much better then that, right?!

However, I don’t have time to waste creating reels. So I came up with ways and strategies that fit into my current batching strategy and lifestyle. Ready?

The number one tip for creating reels efficiently is let go of perfection.

In reality, letting go of perfection needs to be your business motto. Yet, it really comes into play when creating reels. If you are aiming for the “perfect” video where you look amazing with the music perfectly synced, you will never publish anything.

Here done really is better than perfect.

Does your content need to be good? Yes.

Do you need to try to have good lighting? Of course.

But no one expects perfection. No one expects Hollywood quality creations. So be like Elsa and Let it go.

Batch the introductions of your reels when you’re feeling confident.

Does your hair look good today? Or maybe you showered and have it together. Awesome. Grab your phone and film several “intros” or 3 second clips with you in them. Include a couple of regular props you use (for example, I use my camera, laptop, planners, and iced tea cup often). Change up your shirt and do a few more. You can create the actual reels later.

Next, film other content during your everyday life.

As you do life, take short 3-6 second clips on your phone that could be used in a reel. Of course, you want to stay on brand, so if you never show your kids, don’t. But you can show behind the scenes of your production/processes. Video of nature while on a walk, or showing off a product.

Once you’re in the habit of getting little clips, it will be easy to add into your process without slowing you down.

Save time by saving video clips into folders on your phone.

As you create clips save them into a folder. You could either categorize those by type of clip (such as behind the scenes, product shares, selfie videos, etc) or just a folder called “Reel Prep.” By having folders you save yourself from scrolling through the hundreds of photos you have of your baby laying on the playmat!

With these tips you’re ready to not only start making reels, but also add them into your processes seamlessly. You can create reels both efficiently and effectively. They can help your business grow if done properly, and don’t have to take all of your time!

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