Top Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 6 to 10

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Top gift ideas for kids ages 6 to 10

Top Gift Ideas for Kids that are not characters or video game based.

Whether you’re shopping for your own kids, a niece or nephew, or a friend’s child, trying to come up with gift ideas for elementary aged kids can be tough. It may seem like options are only based around characters or video games.

My own kids helped come up with this list of gift ideas for kids as well, so you can rest assured you have a mom and kid-approved gift ideas list!

Experiences are the favorite of the gift ideas for kids.

It may sound cheesy, but experiences are a favorite gift. Passes to the local children’s museum, zoo, or a show your kids love will not only be something they will remember, but it won’t clutter your floor.

My mother in law has taken my son to a Lego exhibit, my daughter to Disney on Ice, and another child to the car museum. They still talk about these experiences to this day. Not only did they love the gift, but they had special time with their grandmother. Win-win.

Another gift idea is Playmobil.

We LOVE playmobil at our house. It is made well, there’s a set for every personality, and encourages imaginative play. Plus, they are toys that are made to last. My parents saved my playmobil from when I was a kid. Plus we have mixed that in with the new sets.

The next on the list of gift ideas for kids is Legos.

Whether you go with a creative box for free building or a specific set, legos provide plenty of entertainment in building and rebuilding.

Art Supplies make a great gift idea, too.

No matter your child’s skill level, art supplies are a great gift idea. There are plenty of choices, from coloring books with cool pens, sticker books, paint sets, or even a subscription box.

Over the pandemic we tried the Let’s Make Art Box and the kids LOVED it. It comes with everything your kids need for several art projects each month. Then you simply log on and watch a kid-centered video that walks them through each step to create each project. Bonus, there’s plenty of supplies provided, so one box worked well for my family with multiple kids. (Give it a try and save $5 off your first box when you use my referral link for Let’s Make Art).

Another idea is board games or card games

While my kids love to play video games, they also love a good family game night. Refresh your games, add in a classic like Sorry or Monopoly or try out a new game. A few favorite card games we love include Monopoly Deal, Sleeping Queens, Exploding Kittens, and Abandon the Artichoke

Slumberkins are the most snuggly of the gift ideas for kids.

Slumberkins are a sweet gift idea. These super soft stuffed animals come with a book that encourages emotional growth. Their creatures deal with topics from gratitude, anxiety, self expression, to dealing with family changes and more.

The stories are sweet with an affirmation at the end of each story. I regularly read the books with my own kids and find myself appreciating the message as well.

The Nugget is an unexpected in the gift ideas for kids.

The Nugget is a “configurable play couch” that you may not see the hype of right away. However, we have owned ours for 5 or 6 years now and it is still used daily. (Bonus, it has held up beautifully).

The Nugget is a great gift any aged kids. My kids have used this as babies to pre-teens. They build indoor slides, forts, reading nooks, ramps for driving their cars on, and use it as shields for epic Nerf Gun Fights. Even I appreciate snuggling up on it to read books with the kids.

Hopefully these 7 ideas will help ease the struggle of trying to come up with ideas for your older, elementary aged kids. I know that I get so tired of video games, toys that don’t last, or toys that are the latest character hype.

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