Family in neutrals and navy outfits for newborn photo shoot in Seattle area

Selecting the Perfect Newborn Photoshoot Outfits: A Guide for Parents

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Choosing outfits for a newborn photo session can feel like a daunting task, especially with everything else that comes with a new baby. Rest assured, as a seasoned Seattle maternity and newborn photographer, I have your back! In this guide, I’ll share some helpful tips on selecting the perfect newborn photoshoot outfits. From considering colors to thinking about your home decor, I’ve got you covered.

Family in neutrals and navy outfits for newborn photo shoot in Seattle area

Embrace Color and Neutrals Alike

It’s true that neutrals tend to photograph beautifully, especially alongside a newborn’s delicate skin. However, don’t feel restricted to only whites, creams, and grays. Color can be incorporated beautifully into your newborn photoshoot. Think soft pastels or even a pop of bold color. The key is to coordinate without being overly matchy and to wear what looks best with your family’s skin tones.

Mother admiring her newborn baby during in-home photo session

Consider Your Wall Color When Selecting Newborn Photoshoot Outfits

Planning on hanging your beautiful newborn photos at home? I hope so! Be sure to consider your wall color when selecting your outfits. Choose colors that will complement the room rather than clash. This doesn’t mean you need to match your wall color exactly, but rather find a color palette that harmonizes well with it.

Match Your Outfit to the Type of Session

The type of a newborn photoshoot you’re having plays a big role in outfit selection. Studio sessions can often lean more formal, while in-home sessions like I offer at Neyssa Lee Photography are typically more casual and comfortable. Considering the type of session you have will help you ensure your outfits go along with the feel of your newborn photo session.

Connected and comfortable lifestyle newborn photo shoot outfits

Nursing Mamas, Make it Easy on Yourself for Your Newborn Photoshoot Outfit

For those of you nursing, choose an outfit that makes it easy to do so. You want something that allows you to nurse without having to change or feel overly exposed during the photoshoot. A button-down shirt, a nursing top, or a dress with easy access can be stylish yet functional options.

Baby always needs to stop to feed during our sessions, which is okay! The last thing you want to do is have to change out of your newborn photoshoot outfit, or feel uncomfortable trying to nurse baby.

Newborn baby in father's arms during Issaquah newborn portraits

Coordinate With Your Home Decor for In-Home Newborn Portrait Sessions

When doing an in-home newborn session, it’s essential to consider your home decor when selecting your outfits. If your living room has a bold, vibrant palette, a clash of colors in your clothing could distract from the subject of the photo: your precious newborn. Similarly, if your bedding is a patterned design, try to avoid wearing too many prints. The goal is to coordinate and harmonize without overshadowing the star of the show – your baby!

Baby feet during newborn photos

Ultimately, choosing the perfect newborn photoshoot outfit is about what makes you feel comfortable and confident while adding to the aesthetics of your photos. It’s about capturing this special moment in your family’s life in the most authentic way possible. So take these tips, find outfits that you love, and get ready to make some beautiful memories that you’ll treasure forever. For an even deeper dive in what to wear for newborn photos, check out what baby should wear.

At Neyssa Lee Photography, I strive to make your newborn photoshoot an experience filled with love, connection, and the beautiful chaos that comes with parenthood. With a little planning, the outfits you choose will only enhance this magical experience.

Have questions, reach out and let’s schedule your newborn photo shoot. I’ll guide you through the best choices for your family. Follow on Facebook and Instagram.