seabrook, wa family photo on the beach

Seabrook WA: Family Photos on the Beach

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seabrook, wa family photo on the beach

If you haven’t been to Seabrook, Wa, it’s time to book a trip. This quaint little town is a great vacation spot on the coast of Washington State. It also is a great location if you’re looking for family photos on the beach.

Seabrook, WA is just off of the gorgeous Pacific Beach

When visiting Seabrook, you’re just steps away from Pacific Beach. This beach has everything you’d want in a Washington coast location.

The beach at Seabrook offers plenty of opportunity for sand castle building, wave jumping, and sunset watching. Even more, it’s a beautiful spot for an adventure family photography session.

Whether you are staying right in Seabrook, WA or you make the short drive up from Ocean Shores, you’ll love your family photos on the beach.

family photo of girl smiling in the trees

Filter the sunlight to begin your family photo session with beautiful trees.

Lining the homes in Seabrook, is a section of trails with gorgeous trees. They are perfect for starting your family photo session as they can filter the sun. They also offer places for the kids to explore before heading out into the sand.

family walking on Pacific Beach in Seabrook, WA

Next, continue your Seabrook, WA family photo session by making your way towards the water.

Kids (and dogs) love running barefoot across the sand towards the ocean. The beach near Seabrook, WA lends itself towards more playful and adventurous photos. Forget shoes, and dip your toes in the water.

I will guide you through a few relaxed prompts that focuses on your family’s connection. Then we move onto more playful photos on the beach.

father and daughter dancing during family photos on Washington coast

As the sun sets venture further into the water for wave jumping sunset photos.

Let go and embrace the water as you splash, run, dance, and play in the ocean. No one is thinking about their family photos being taken as they have fun together in the water.

Your gallery of photos will show you being a family together, loving on each other, being together in a gorgeous location. Your photographs will remind you, forever, of your time in Seabrook, WA together.

Do you have plans to travel to Seabrook, WA (or nearby) this summer and looking for a beautiful way to doument your trip? Contact me to discuss booking an adventure family photo session. You can also view my planned travel dates on my Family Information page.

father hugging daughter with beautiful backlight during family photos in Seabrook