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The Pacific Northwest is perfect for fall family photos. The colors of fall, the mild weather, and the need for updated photos for holiday cards makes it a favorite time of year for so many families. 

While it may seem like anywhere could be a great location for fall family photos, as a Seattle photographer, I have several factors I consider for a good family photo location.

I want a location that shows off the beauty of the area, has beautiful light, and allows for something fun for the family to do (like skip rocks, exploring a trail, dance in a field, etc.).

How busy a location is at a given time is also important. We don’t want to have to avoid people or worry about distractions in our background. With all of those things in mind, I have come up with my top favorite locations for fall family photos!

While most of these locations work well any time of year, these are extra gorgeous during autumn. That makes these locations my front runners for fall family photos.

Okay, dive into my list and see which spot might be perfect for your family’s fall photos this year.

Fall maternity photo session at Lincoln Park, Wa

Lincoln Park in Seattle is a stunning location for fall family photos.

Lincoln Park is located on the water in West Seattle. If you’re on the Eastside, or in another part of Seattle, the drive to this park is so worth it. Lincoln Park has so much to offer and works so well with the flow of my family photography sessions.

We start in the upper part of the park taking advantage of the gorgeous trees and trails. Then we move to the water’s edge, watching the ferries and tossing rocks into Puget Sound. The flow here allows for fall family photos to feel more like an adventure, exploring the park, rather than a stiff photo session.

Tolt McDonald Carnation, WA fall family photo session

Another favorite location is Tolt McDonald Park in Carnation

Although this park doesn’t quite allow for that amazing, low sunlight we all love (the park is tucked behind a hillside), the fall colors and variety more than make up for it. Tolt McDonald works gorgeously for fall family photos whether it is sunny or a typical grey Seattle day.

Tolt McDonald Park is not only on the river but has a suspension bridge that serves as a favorite spot for families.

Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend at sunset for family photography session with leaves

The next fall family photo location is Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend

You might recognize Rattlesnake Lake from my Favorite Summer Spots post. However, it is still a fall favorite. From pretty leaves on the trail to the gorgeous lake, there is so much to love here.

Rattlesnake Lake is a favorite fall family photo location for many photographers so that it can get crowded. However, its large size allows plenty of room to spread out and feel like you have the park to yourself for your family photos!

Beautiful fall color for fall family photos at Rattlesnake Lake by Neyssa Lee Photography

The lake can vary in how high or how low it is depending on the year’s rainfall. This means you could have your fall family photos here several years in a row and have a completely different feel. What is constant is that leaves on the trees change gorgeous colors all around the park, making for a beautiful addition to any fall family photo session.

Tanner Landing Park, North Bend, WA Relaxed family photos in fall

One of my year-round favorite spots is Tanner Landing Park in North Bend.

This is my secret park (okay it’s not so secret anymore) and my most favorite spot in the Snoqualmie Valley. It can be tricky to find (not on Google Maps) but it is so worth the visit for fall family photos. Tanner Landing Park not only has a big open field with a mountain view, it has stunning trails and runs along the river, giving plenty of variety for one session. 

When I’m photographing families here, I often joke that you’ll see people walking their dogs and photographers with families here. However, because of the park’s large size and layout, it is an easy place to avoid people in your backdrop.

Should you wish to bring your dog to your fall family photos, this is a very pet friendly location.

For an even deeper look you can see the family photo inspiration on Tanner Landing Park.

Gold Creek Pond, Snoqualmie Pass, WA for fall family photos

Gold Creek Pond in Snoqualmie Pass is a location rising in popularity for fall family photos.

A family introduced me to this gem during their maternity photo session one summer. It was love at first sight. While you cannot actually get into the pond to splash around, the trail, serene water, and mountain views make it an ideal family photo spot.

Winter months, this location is almost untouched as the road isn’t plowed. I have hiked in with families for snow photo sessions. However, should hiking a mile with young children not sound ideal, consider this location for fall family photos.

Gold Creek Pond is less than an hour from Seattle, making it a perfect little mountain getaway for fall family photos. It is also, during summer and fall, very accessible. Whether you have young children or are expecting, Gold Creek is perfect for maternity sessions and family sessions alike.

A warning about this fall family photo location, is that it can get very crowded with photographers and families during the peak fall season. I highly recommend scheduling a weekday session, or scheduling earlier in the season for a fall family photo session here.

Family cuddled together by the river in Fall City, Wa during portrait session

Finally, Fall City Community Park in Fall City is a lesser-known location.

This is one of those parks that you have to just trust me that it’s a gorgeous fall family photo spot. If you were to drive by or pull up, you may not see it. But it is so beautiful here, especially in the fall. There is plenty of room for kids to run, beautiful fall color, and access to the river. We can also drive 2 minutes for a second spot right on the river. 

This is another location where weekdays are better than weekends, especially once the pumpkin patch is open.

Those are just six of my favorite locations for fall family photos around Seattle.  The Seattle area truly offers so many beautiful locations that work wonderfully for family photo sessions. Each family who books a session with me will have my guidance to select the right location for their family.

Contact me to get started planning your family photo session.

Explore in depth more locations for family photography sessions around the Seattle area.

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