better than school portrait of boy in the Snoqualmie Valley to Seattle area

School Portraits are Awful for Your Children: Try a Better Approach

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Portrait of boy on black backdrop for school portrait

When I say “school portraits” what comes to mind?

Is it a blue background? Awkward smiles. Overly bright exposure. Maybe even the word “terrible” or embarrassing comes to mind.

It may feel like a right of childhood passage to have horrible school photos. But is that really how we want to represent our children? Do we want the most classic portraits of our children to be awful snapshots, that leave them feeling ashamed of their earlier days?

I know that’s not what I want for my children. As a Seattle photographer, I do not want that for other children either.

Parents who are seeking alternatives to traditional school portraits lacking personality, you’re in the right place.

better than school portrait of boy in the Snoqualmie Valley  to Seattle area

Fine Art Children’s Portraits offer a fresh take on school portraits, providing a platform to create stunning sibling pictures and timeless images that celebrate your child’s individuality.

Gone are the days of forced smiles and generic backdrops. Fine Art Children’s Portraits embrace a different approach, focusing on simplicity and artistic beauty. These portraits take the concept of school portraits to a whole new level. They capture your child on a clean black (or grey) backdrop, free from distractions and with a touch of fine art flair.

Fine Art School Portrait that shows three siblings together

When it comes to sibling pictures, Fine Art Children’s Portraits shine.

These sessions not only allow for individual portraits of each child but also provide an opportunity to capture the unique dynamics and connections between siblings. Whether it’s the loving bond between brothers and sisters or the shared laughter and secrets, these portraits tell a story of sibling relationships that are cherished for a lifetime.

As a professional photographer in the Seattle area and a mother of 6, I understand the importance of showcasing the true essence of your children. Our children grow much too quickly. Every age and stage is worth capturing. Each year has a beautiful story of their growth.

Fine Art Children's Photo from Seattle area photographer

Unlike school portraits, Fine Art Children’s Portraits go beyond the surface, capturing the small details, personality, and genuine smiles that make your child who they are. These images serve as a timeless reflection of their unique qualities and allow their personalities to shine through. These photos won’t be hidden in a drawer, you’ll want to frame them on the wall.

Photo of girl on black backdrop

Don’t settle for ordinary school portraits. Explore the world of Fine Art Children’s Portraits. Events are held yearly in the fall. Spots are limited and offered first to newsletter subscribers. Join the list to be the first to know when the next event is happening and say goodbye to embarrassing photos of your children.

Want to start preparing for your child’s Fine Art Portrait Session? Head to my most popular blog on Do’s and Don’ts of What to Wear for School Portraits. Follow on Facebook For more tips for your portrait sessions.