Playful and connected family photos at Luther Burbank Park by Neyssa Lee

Family Fun at Luther Burbank Park: A Picture-Perfect Location!

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Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island isn’t just for romantic maternity photoshoots. It’s also an amazing spot for families to create cherished memories together. As a Seattle family photographer, I can’t help but sing praises for this park that offers endless possibilities for fun-filled adventures with your loved ones. Let me share why Luther Burbank Park should be on the top of your list for your next family photo session. Plus a few extra things to consider when visiting this park.

Family of 5 has portraits by the water at Luther Burbank Park

One of the things that make Luther Burbank Park so remarkable is its year-round beauty.

No matter the season, this park never fails to impress. Whether you visit during the vibrant colors of fall, the blooming wonders of spring, or the lush greenery of summer, you’ll find a stunning backdrop for your family photos. The park’s natural beauty provides a perfect setting to capture the essence of your family’s joy and love.

Father tosses daughter into the air during Seattle area family photo session

With its sprawling grounds, the park offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Kids of all ages will be captivated by Luther Burbank Park’s many options, ensuring they stay engaged and entertained throughout your visit. From a sand beach on one end to rocky beaches along the other end, to enchanting trails, open fields to towering trees, and even an absolutely “awesome” playground (as proclaimed by my own kids), the park has something to delight every member of your family.

And let’s not forget about the breathtaking sunsets at Luther Burbank Park! These golden moments paint the sky with hues that beautifully frame your family’s smiles and create a warm, magical ambiance. If your little ones have an early bedtime, don’t worry. The park’s layout allows us to schedule slightly earlier sessions, ensuring we capture your family’s photographs by filtering the sunlight.

Playful and connected family photos at Luther Burbank Park by Neyssa Lee

For families seeking a variety in the location of their family photos, Luther Burbank Park is an excellent choice.

It offers an array of picturesque settings. As a bonus, the park’s convenient location makes it easily accessible from both Seattle and the Eastside. No matter where you’re coming from, Luther Burbank offers plenty of gorgeous options for your family photos’ backdrop.

black and white Mercer Island family photo with big brother dancing with little sister

Now, let’s talk about a couple of things to keep in mind when planning your visit to Luther Burbank Park.

Being a popular destination, the park can get quite crowded at times. However, with its vast expanse, we can usually find secluded spots for your photos, away from the bustling crowds. The only challenge you might encounter is parking, especially on weekends. This is true for many popular parks on warmer days. Consider selecting a weekday evening time for fewer crowds.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Luther Burbank Park has an off-leash dog area, making it a magnet for dog owners. If you’re considering bringing your furry friend along for your family photoshoot, be sure they are comfortable in such an environment. It’s essential that your dog isn’t easily distracted and gets along well with other pups and their owners, allowing you to focus on creating precious memories without any unexpected interruptions. Should you wish to bring your dog we can always select another, more quiet, location option.

Mother loving on baby boy during family photo session at Luther Burbank Park

Does Luther Burbank look and sound like the perfect location for your next family photo session? Continue planning and dreaming about your session with more resources on family photos. And don’t forget to book your session, where I’ll assist you in finalizing all the details for an unforgettable, laid-back family photo experience.

Want more location ideas for Seattle area family photos? Grab my free guide Top Seattle Locations for Family Photos.

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