Swaddled newborn baby in parents arms during in home newborn photo session

Preparing Your Home for Newborn Photos: A Simple Guide

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As you’ve just welcomed your newborn baby into your family, capturing those first precious moments at home becomes a cherished opportunity. Preparing your home for newborn photos is about creating a comfortable, welcoming space that reflects your family’s style and warmth. In this guide, we’ll explore how to get ready for a newborn photo session, ensuring everything runs smoothly from preparation to the final click.

Before diving in I want to stress this most important point. While I know we’d all love a home decorated by Joanna Gains, that isn’t reality. I’ve photographed families in every type of home, and it never mattered. I’m there to capture YOUR family, your newborn baby, not your home. This is also meant to be a low-stress portrait experience. So while I’m providing helpful tips for planners like me, I want you to know to not sweat it. I promise. I expect to see those dirty diapers, laundry pile, and mama’s water bottles strewn about.

Okay now back to preparing your home for newborn photos.

Seattle Family with newborn baby prepares home for connected photos

Before Baby Arrives: Setting the Scene When Preparing Your Home for Newborn Photos

Choosing Outfits That Complement Your Home

While this tip isn’t about your home specifically, it is apart of the process of preparing for newborn photos.

Select outfits that harmonize with your home’s aesthetic. Opt for relaxed, connected styles; neutrals are versatile but don’t shy away from color. Remember, certain colors, like pastel green, might affect how your newborn’s skin tone appears in photos.

Discover a more in-depth look at what to wear for lifestyle newborn portraits.

Swaddled newborn baby in parents arms during in home newborn photo session

Gathering Swaddles and Accessories

Prepare large swaddles that match your family’s outfit scheme and the overall aesthetic of your photo session. These not only add to the photo but also comfort your newborn.

Picture Day Preparations: Focusing on What Matters When Preparing Your Home for Newborn Photos

Stress-Free Environment Over Perfection

On the day of the photoshoot, prioritize getting ready over a spotless house. With a newborn (and possibly other children), your energy is best spent on preparing yourselves rather than achieving a flawless home setting.

I’m sure you haven’t gotten “ready” since baby arrived (because why would you?!). It may take a bit longer then before as baby will have needs too. So again, please give yourself grace when preparing your home for newborn photos. I expect nothing but a family with a newborn baby!

Black and white photo of mother smiling while holding baby during Seattle portrait session

Tidying Key Areas When Preparing Your Home for Newborn Portraits

If you do wish to tidy up, focus on areas like the living room, master bedroom, and nursery. These spaces are often featured in newborn photo sessions and don’t require extensive cleaning. Instead a quick “shove stuff to the side” or toss into another room is perfect.

Father comforting newborn baby against his chest

Creating a Warm Atmosphere

Turn up the heat about 30 minutes before the session to create a cozy environment. A slightly warmer home is essential for those moments when your baby is undressed, ensuring their comfort and happiness.

Now, let’s not go overboard. You and your partner don’t want to be sweating it out either. So a little warmer than you normally have it is wonderful.

Once the Photographer Arrives: Making the Most of Your Session

A Tour Focused on Light, Not Layout

Upon arrival, I’ll ask for a quick tour of your home, focusing on finding the best light rather than critiquing the decor. One more time, the aim is to capture the natural interaction of your family, not the intricacies of your home design.

Seattle Lifestyle newborn portrait of mother holding baby and dad cuddling in close

Adjusting for Optimal Lighting

I may rearrange a few things to make the most of the available light. We’ve pushed couches towards large windows or pulled a chair near the window in the nursery. Rest assured, the focus will be on capturing beautiful shots of your family and newborn, not the minor details of your household.

That’s it. Then you’ll snuggle in, love on your baby and family, including those fur babies, too. You can relax that all the “work” of preparing your home for newborn photos is done and you can just BE with your family. I will guide you into poses that emphasize your love and connections within your family.

Black lab laying on bed as family with newborn is behind him

Preparing your home for newborn photos doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s about creating a space where your family feels comfortable and where the magic of those first few days can be captured authentically. Remember, the focus of these photos is the love and connection within your family, set against the backdrop of your home. With these simple tips, you’re well on your way to a successful and stress-free newborn photo session.

Love tips like these? I have plenty of resources on my blog just like this one. Plus, take a peek at my newborn portfolio. Once you are ready to book your session, contact me. I’ll guide you through the entire process.