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Mercer Island Senior Pictures: Luther Burbank Park

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Are you looking for the perfect location for your high school senior pictures? Look no further than Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island! As a seasoned photographer specializing in capturing life’s milestones, I’m excited to share why Luther Burbank Park is the ideal backdrop for your senior pictures.

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island

Why Choose Luther Burbank Park for Senior Pictures

Luther Burbank Park isn’t just a gem for family shoots; it’s also a haven for senior pictures. Regardless of the season, the park’s natural beauty provides a diverse and stunning background.

Luther Burbank has a mix of sandy beaches, rocky shores, fields, and small trails. This allows us to we create a portfolio of images that truly reflect your senior’s personality and interests.

Convenience and Variety on Mercer Island

Located conveniently for families from Seattle to the Eastside, the park is easily accessible. This means more time for shooting and less time traveling. With Luther Burbank Park’s varied landscapes, we can capture multiple looks in one location.

When you select Luther Burbank Park for your senior pictures you don’t have to worry about multiple locations. You can get the best of many worlds all in one spot. This not only keeps the process simpler for you, but also more relaxed then trying to run around to several spots before the sun sets.

Mount Si High School Senior Portraits at Sunset at Luther Burbank Park

Planning Your Luther Burbank Senior Picture Session

Beating the Crowds

Luther Burbank Park is popular, but don’t worry – with careful planning, we can find quieter spots for your senior’s photoshoot. I recommend weekday evening sessions for a more intimate experience, away from the weekend hustle.

When you schedule your senior session during the summer, the days are nice and long. This means no racing from after-school sports or work for senior pictures.

Snoqualmie valley senior portrait photograph of a teenage boy sitting by the water
Mount Si High School Senior with dog during pictures on Mercer Island

Including Your Dog in Senior Pictures

For seniors wanting to include their beloved pet in their pictures, Luther Burbank Park is wonderful. It does, however, have a dog park. This means many people are walking around and through the park with their dogs to the dog park. If your dog needs a quieter spot, I will help you choose a better location for them.

Luther Burbank Park offers a unique and memorable setting for senior portraits. It’s more than just a photoshoot; it’s about capturing the essence of this significant milestone. Ready to create some unforgettable senior pictures at Luther Burbank Park? Let’s chat and plan a session that perfectly captures your senior’s spirit and style.