fall maternity photo shoot at a Seattle beach, Edmonds, WA, bracketts landing north

Fall Maternity Photo Shoot: The Ultimate Guide

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If you’re planning a fall maternity photo shoot, keep reading. This ultimate guide has everything to help you feel confident for your pregnancy photos. As a Seattle photographer for the past 15 years, I’m sharing my top tips and helpful information.

Let’s dive into the good stuff. We can start with the basics, and move to the nitty gritty of planning for your fall maternity photo shoot!

fall maternity photo shoot at a Seattle beach, Edmonds, WA, bracketts landing north

When is the best time for maternity photos?

There is a sweet balance when it comes to having pregnancy pictures taken. In short, the ideal time for maternity portraits is 32-36 weeks. Typically, you have a nice round belly but aren’t so uncomfortable during this time. It also reduces the risk of missing maternity photos should baby decide to come a little early.

A few other things come into play, though, too. For example, if this is not your first baby, you may get away with having your fall maternity photo shoot a little earlier in pregnancy. Read this blog for a more in-depth look at the best time for maternity pictures.

Now that we know when the session should take place in your pregnancy, let’s talk when to book.

playful pregnancy photo of mother and son on Seattle beach

When do you book your fall maternity photo shoot?

First, as long as you’re still pregnant it’s not too late. However, booking earlier helps ensure space on Seattle maternity photographer‘s calendar. It also will allow you to feel at ease and not rushed in your planning fo your session.

Most families I work with book in their 2nd trimester. If you’re hoping for a fall maternity photo shoot, consider booking as early as possible (or as early as you’re comfortable with). With many families wanting that beautiful fall color for their yearly holiday card, along with Seattle’s unpredictable weather, photographer’s calendars book up much faster in the fall.

Now that you’ve booked your maternity portrait session let’s move into what to wear. (Do you still need to book? Contact me and let’s get you on the calendar for fall maternity photos).

what to wear for fall maternity photo shoot inspiration, Brackett's Landing North in Edmonds

What to wear for a fall maternity photo shoot?

No matter what type of lifestyle portrait session you have a few simple rules are important to keep in mind.

  • Coordinate outfits don’t match. In otherwords, avoid putting everyone in jeans and a white t-shirt (unless you’re trying to look like a 90s meme). Instead, select a few coordinating colors and mix and match for your family.
  • Avoid large logos and wording on clothing.
  • Avoid neon colors. While I’m all about embracing color in your photos, neons don’t photograph well. They bring all the attention to your clothing instead of your face. And worst of all, neons bounce light. This means you could end up with neon pink or green skin (which isn’t flattering).

Okay, those are the basic rules, but let’s talk more specific to maternity, then we can add in more fall specific for your maternity photo shoot.

Dressing for maternity photos is different than dressing for any other session because it’s about highlighting that baby bump! So mama, flaunt that bump! You don’t have to go with a skin-tight outfit. You could choose a more flowy top or dress, but be able to frame your bump easily.

Sunlight surrounded baby bump of pregnant mother during Seattle maternity photos

Other important tips is to dress comfortably and be aware of your changing body. Read more about what to wear for maternity photos on the blog. You can also find my favorite places to find bump friendly dresses and how to pick the right dress for your maternity photos.

But what about dressing for fall maternity photos? Choose smart layers for you and your family. Fall temperatures can vary a lot in the Seattle area. Having layers as an option can ensure everyone is warm without piling on coats.

When selecting your layers, choose things that don’t overwhelm or hide your baby bump. Because, once again, we want to see that bump!

Another thing to keep in mind when dressing for your maternity photos is to consider the location. For example, if you’re having photos by the water, it will likely be cooler.

Now that you’re feeling more confident in what to wear, let’s talk about location ideas.

Family snuggled on a log at a Seattle beach at sunset

What are good Seattle area locations for maternity photos?

Things that make a location good for maternity photos are that they;

  • offer good light and variety within the location
  • are easily accessible for pregnant mamas and their families
  • are not too crowded
  • (if applicable) are dog friendly

A bonus feature of a good location for a fall maternity photo shoot is that it offers gorgeous fall colors!

A few of my favorite locations for fall photos include Tanner Landing Park in North Bend, Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island, and many of the beaches around the Seattle area.

When you work with me as your photographer, I will guide you to the right location for your family. You can rest easy knowing, I’ve got you!

What if it’s going to rain during my fall maternity photo shoot?

There is a reason Seattle is known for it’s greenery. It rains. While fall can be gorgeous, it can also be unpredictable. But that is okay. As a seasoned Seattle area photographer, I’m well versed in using the weather app. It may mean we are making the call on the day of your session, or needing a little extra flexibility to move your maternity photo session date with better weather.

It might also mean embracing maternity photos in the rain. Believe me, those can be gorgeous too.

Husband and wife dancing during maternity photos on the Seattle beach

What are the best poses for maternity photos?

Let’s begin this section by saying, you have to know nothing about posing when working with a skilled photographer. Your photographer will help you shine. In addition, maternity photos are the most “posed” photos I offer as a lifestyle photographer. While there is still a playful and candid feel to these sessions, because we want to flatter and show off that baby bump requires a little extra posing.

My top two posing tips for expectant mamas are;

  • Someone should always frame the bump. In otherwords, someone should have their hand on the baby bump.
  • When standing in a still pose, create a v-shape with your legs (best you can). You do this by bending the leg closest to the camera slightly and dropping one knee towards the other. Of course, if baby is super low, you won’t be able to get your knees super close, but the minor adjustment will still help accentuate baby more.
Seattle  lifestyle newborn photo of husband and wife smiling at each other while holding newborn boy

Capture the full journey of your baby’s arrival by booking a maternity and newborn photo session package.

This ultimate guide to fall maternity photos wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t suggest adding a newborn session, too. Working with the same photographer for your maternity and newborn session means your family is more comfortable and relaxed and your gallery of photographs will be cohesive.

Many photographers, myself included, offer a bundle discount for booking the two sessions together.

Now that you’re feeling confident and prepared for your fall maternity photo shoot, it’s time to get booked! Contact me to get the processes started!